SPG NE-Chapter, Jorhat

Society of Petroleum Geophysicist, NE-Chapter, Jorhat in its effort to impart latest information on advances in the geophysics to geo-scientists, organized three lectures within a short span of four months.  These lectures were aimed to impart the latest trends in the field of data acquisition and reservoir characterization by the industry experts. Following is the list of the lectures:


1. VectorSeis 3C Seis Acquisition System by Mr.  Brian Donnely, M/s. I O Inc.,  on 12.07.2007. In this lecture Mr. Donnely dwelt, in detail, on the VectorSeis 3C acquisition tool which is being introduced in the north east for the first time.


2. Reservoir   Characterization using Seismic Data by Dr. Rakesh Walia, M/s.   CGG Veritas,   on 27.07.2007. This lecture was the most well attended of all lectures which explained about the methodology for reservoir characterization using various geophysical, geological, petrophysical and engineering data.


3. An Introduction to Multi Component Seismic Technology by Dr. Robert Garotta, on 30.11.2007. The lecture mostly covered examples explaining the application of the P-S wave in the detection of fluids and where to apply such a technology.


These lectures were in synchronization with the ONGC efforts to introduce the latest state of the art technologies in data API triad in the NE region. All these lectures were well attended and evoked keen response from the participants. These knowledge sharing by the industry leaders led to clearer perception of various challenges facing the Geophysical community in the complex geological setting of the North East.