The Society of Petroleum Geophysicists, Ahmedabad chapter was formed in the year 1994. The chapter provides a common platform for explorationists to exchange and share information, technologies and techniques. The chapters main objective is to provide the E and P executives with a forum to exchange their views and opinions on various exploration problems related to Western onland and offshore areas. The Ahmedabad Chapter constitutes a strong work force of over 180 members belonging to Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir Engineering, Geochemistry involved in the exploration and exploitation.


The chapters office being situated at Institute of Reservoir Studies, the main emphasis is on the techniques of geophysics in Reservoir Management application. The chapter is keen on subjects like seismic stimulation, 4D seismic, 3C-3D seismic techniques, microgravity techniques for 4D and shear wave technology.

The chapter has requested the SPG Headquarters to conduct an international Seminar at Ahmedabad in future.

New Executive Body (2012-2018) – SPG Ahmedabad Chapter

Shri Saroj Kumar Mekap President sk_mekap@yahoo.com 9426614850
Shri Paritosh Chaturvedi Vice President paritoshch@yahoo.com 9426614651
Shri Harjinder Singh Secretary harjinder0128@gmail.com 9426614864
Shri Amit Kumar Jt. Secretary kumar_iitkgp@yahoo.in 9426614877
Shri Rajesh Kumar Sharma Treasurer rajeshsharma_ns@yahoo.com 9426614687
Shri Arun Kumar Singh Ex. Member - -
Shri Ashwani Lamba Ex. Member - -
Shri J V Ramana Ex. Member - -
Shri Mukesh Srivastava Ex. Member - -
Shri P Jagadesh Ex. Member - -
Shri A P P Singh Ex. Member - -

Contact Person:

Shri Harjinder Singh

Secretary, SPG, Ahmedabad Chapter

Email: harjinder0128@gmail.com

Cell: 9426614864

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