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SPG Co-sponsored National Level Technical Symposium in the Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay

The inaugural ceremony saw the esteemed presence of Shri CM Jain-GGM ONGC Ltd as our chief guest of honour who is delivering the inaugural address and Dr.M Ravi Kumar, Director General, ISR -Gandhinagar as our keynote speaker (second from left).Prof.T N Singh, Head, Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay and Prof.M Radhakrishna, Prof-in-charge, Protolith’17, Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay felicitated the guests.

The biennial national level geosciences symposium organized by the Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Bombay ‘Protolith17’saw active participation of students from various Universities/institutes from across the country. The event was conducted as part of outreach activities of the Earth Science Association (ERSA), the umbrella for the local chapters of SEG, SPG, AAPG, SPE and SPLWA. Almost 170 students from 17 Institutes participated in this three-day symposium that included thrilling events, enlightening seminars delivered by stalwarts from industry and academia, and 13 well structured workshops by the faculty of the Department as well as 1 workshop by Schlumberger. Our esteemed sponsors and their generosity and cooperation was instrumental for the execution and success of this symposium. We would extend our heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors ONGC, SPG, IIG and ISR in this regard.

The inaugural ceremony saw the esteemed presence of Shri CM Jain, ONGC. His inaugural speech was not just inspiring for all the budding aspirants present for the symposium but also it was enlightening in terms of the knowledge he imparted to the audience. We were absolutely honoured to have him in our presence.

On the second day, we have another esteemed personality from the oil Industry Shri M Ayyadurai, Executive Director and Basin Manager, Western Offshore, ONGC who delivered a special invited seminar on the Geological history of the western offshore basins. It was very informative and provided the audience an idea about the different exploration datasets and strategies employed for petroleum prospecting. It gave us an idea about the scale of operations that are carried out and the amount of data processing required to gain valuable insights about our natural resources. It was really humbling experience for us to have him amidst us.

Sri. M Ayyadurai's lecture on Western offshore basins on the second day of Protolith17. He is receiving a token of our appreciation from the Head of the Department, Professor TN Singh.

On the third-day, we had the SPG-sponsored talk by Sri C V Rao, GM, ONGC and presently the vice-president SPG on the Sub-Basalt Imaging. The talk was very engaging and gave the glimpses of various advanced seismic data acquisition and processing techniques applied for imaging sub basaltic terrains and the interpretations derived from those datasets. Audience got valuable insights about the upcoming and latest technology and the related research behind these developments. It provided us with an idea about the level of research and development employed in the Industry.

Sri CV Rao's lecture on Sub-Basalt imaging-Sponsored by SPG, India.Prof. TN Singh, HOD, presenting a token of appreciation to Sri CV Rao on the third day of Protolith17.
We would like to thank our esteemed guests from the oil industry who took some time out of their busy schedule to inspire and motivate budding geo-scientists at Protolith17.

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