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SPG, Mumbai Chapter Organize Workshop on Conventional Cores and Their Application in Hydrocarbon Exploration & Exploitation.

SPG Mumbai Chapter organized a one day workshop on “Conventional cores and their application in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation”  at Regional Geoscience Lab, ONGC, Panvel on 24.05.2018 attended by participants from ONGC, BPRL, WesternGeco/Schlumberger.

All the participants with dignitaries


Secretary, SPG Mumbai Chapter Shri Anupam Sharma welcomed the dignitaries Shri USD Pandey, Shri M. Ayyadurai, Dr Alok Dave, Ashwani Mishra and participants from ONGC, BPRL, WesternGeco and Schlumberger. President SPG Mumbai Chapter & ED-Chief Geophysical Services, Shri U S D Pandey in his inaugural address thanked Basin Manager for providing infrastructure to conduct this workshop at RGL, Panvel and also to Dr Alok Dave for his wholehearted support and cooperation in conducting this workshop.He stressed on the role of core studies in petroleum exploration in general and reservoir characterization throughseismic attributes in particular. He called upon the SPG Office bearer to organize more workshops. ED-Basin manager, WOB Shri M. Ayyadurai exhorted all the participants to fully utilize this golden opportunity to learn fine nuances of core usage analysis from Dr Alok Dave a veteran and teacher par excellence.

Dr. Alok Dave interacting with the participants


Dr Alok Dave gave a brief outline of the workshop with main focus from core to log to seismic and live interaction with rocks i.e., cores from all stratigraphic levels from basement to middle Miocene including all geological aspects relevant to exploration and exploitation. Dr Dave emphasized about the importance of coring to reduce uncertainty in reservoir evaluation by providing data representative of the reservoir at in-situ conditions. He asked all the participants to maximize advantage of this workshop by fully integrating Core studies with Geophysics, Petrophysics, Geochemistry and Reservoir Engineering.

Core samples from various formations

The day was spent in core library where all the participants had firsthand information with cores. Twelve cores were laid out from various wells of western offshore to provide insight on various sub-surface environment starting from Basement complex (for variation in Basement lithologies) to Basal clastics(for facies and environment study) to Basalt (For fractures & integration with FMI) to Panna (Paleocene Early Eocene) (For Sedimentary features and depositional environment) to Jakhau (Early Eocene) (for barrier bar complex) to Jakhau(Early Eocene) (for depositional environment, depth correction by core gamma log) to Bassein(Middle Eocene) for (for Karst and Collapse features) to Middle Eocene Early Oligocene hiatus (for Lst/LstUnconformity) to Daman (Late Oligocene) (for Forced regression) to Early Miocene & Bombay (Early Miocene) (for High resolution T/R cycles in Carbonates) to Middle Miocene (For deep water contourites).

During the concluding session Shri Rana, Head-SPIC, GPS thanked Dr Dave and team for this wonderful workshop and enlightened the house. Secretary, SPG Mumbai chapter Shri Anupam Sharma gave takeaways of workshop and thanked everyone who have contributed for the success of the workshop. In the end Shri R D Chowdhary proposed vote of thanks to one and all.