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Presentation on “State of the Art Software Solutions for E&P Challenges: Lithology classification & Stochastic Inversion

SPG Mumbai Chapter organized a presentation on “State of the Art software solutions for E&P Challenges, Lithology classification & Stochastic Inversionon 19.01.2018 at ONGC, Priyadarshani, Mumbai.
On behalf of SPG Mumbai Chapter, Shri Anupam Sharma, Secretary SPG, introduced the presenter, Shri C M Jain, Vice President, welcomed the speaker.
Shri Hemant KumarDixit, from M/s CGG GeoSoftwarepresented the solution to quantitatively integrate various data typerelated to geophysics, geology, petro-physics, rock physics and generate realistic 3D numerical models of reservoir properties for flow simulation and production assessment.


Geostatistics provides a powerful framework for combining sparsely sampled high resolution well information with densely sampled but less vertical resolution 3-D seismic information. Thereby accurate estimates of reservoir properties and an assessment of the uncertainty and risks associated with reservoir models. He dealt upon one of the emerging geophysical technology, the stochastic inversion for the prediction of rock and fluid properties. The probabilistic inverse method.


The integration of stochastic inverse methods and geophysical modeling allows generating multiple reservoir models of rock and fluid properties that honour both


Seismic and wells geophysical measurements. Stochastic approach allows sampling multiple solutions from the posterior distribution of model parameters predictions. Stochastic inversion algorithms can be applied to seismic inversions problems as well as petro-physical inversion problems.

Mr Dixit presented detailed feature of LithoSI and GeoSI software modules and demonstrated improvement through few case studies.


More than sixty geoscientist attended the presentation.Shri U S D Pandey, President SPG Mumbai Chapter and Shri M Ayyadurai, ED-Basin Manager, WOB, ONGC presented and a memento to speaker. Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Anupam Sharma, Secretary, SPG- Mumbai Chapter

About speaker : Mr. HemantDixit did his post graduation with M.Tech. in Exploration Geophysics (Applied Geophysics) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India. He has more than fifteen years of experience working as an Interpretation and QI Geophysicist.His core expertise lies in the integration of Seismic Petro physics and Rock Physics, together with application of inversion technology for reservoir evaluation and assessment.He has served as a member in technical committee of SPG India and editorial team member of GeoHorizon magazine published by SPG-India.

Email : hemant.kumar-dixit@cgg.com
Mobile : 9930916244