Sub Basalt Exploration in Asia and Pacific

February 22, 2019

EVENT Speaker Time (Hrs)
Delegate Registration - 0800 hrs – 0900 hrs
Inauguration & Keynote address by Director (E), ONGC   0900  hrs – 1000 hrs

Technical Session– 1 : The Big Picture (Workshop Keynotes)

Targeted acquisition, processing and imaging technologies coupled with geological input 
providing new insights in volcanic rifted margins  (Keynote Talk)
Chirag Tyagi, SLB 1000 hrs – 1025 hrs
Sub-basalt imaging using wide-angle seismic reflection and refraction data (Keynote Talk) Nancy House, SEG 1025 hrs – 1050 hrs
Imaging sub-volcanic sediments from full waveform tomography of wide-angle seismic data in Kerala-Konkan offshore (Keynote Talk) Dr.Kalachand Sain, WIHG 1050 hrs – 1115 hrs
TEA BREAK / POSTERS   1115 hrs – 1140 hrs

Technical Sessions – 2: Acquisition & Imaging

Seismic imaging below the basalt: Lessons learned and ideas for the future- (Keynote Talk) Tim Brice, Shearwater 1140 hrs – 1205 hrs
Sub-basalt imaging using first-arrival travel time tomography and full waveform inversion in Rockall Basin, Offshore Ireland Gaurav Tomar,
Dublin Institute of Advance studies
1205 hrs – 1230 hrs
Long-offset depth processing for sub-basalt imaging in West of Bavla area Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India Dr. C H Mehta, EX-ONGC 1230 hrs – 1255 hrs
Summary and Conclusion by Session Chair/Panel Members   1255 hrs – 1310 hrs
LUNCH BREAK   1310 hrs – 1410 hrs

Technical Sessions – 3: Imaging-Broadband Processing

Sub-Basalt imaging enhancement by Broadband processing and PSDM (Keynote Talk) L Katherla, ONGC 1410 hrs – 1435 hrs
Reprocessing of 3D seismic data pertaining to KD-3D block for sub-basalt imaging Aditya Kumar, ONGC 1435 hrs – 1500 hrs
Sub Basalt imaging in Padra Field, South Cambay Basin, India through Sub-surface Angle Domain Processing. Abhinandan Ghosh, ONGC 1500 hrs – 1525 hrs
Effective demultiple and depth migration enhances basalt and sub-basalt features: A case study from Kutch Offshore, India P K Satapathy, ONGC 1525 hrs – 1550 hrs
Summary and Conclusion by Session Chair/Panel Members   1550 hrs – 1605 hrs
TEA BREAK & POSTERS   1505 hrs – 1620 hrs

Technical Sessions – 4: Non-Seismic or Multi-Physics Discussion

Multi-physics approaches for imaging sub-basalt sediments (Keynote Talk) Lucy MacGregor, RSI 1620 hrs – 1645 hrs
New Method of Mapping Sub-Volcanic Geology using Magnetic Data Stephen Markham,
Archimedes Consulting
1645 hrs – 1710 hrs
Depth Estimation of Subsurface Discontinuity by applying Spectral Analysis of Gravity data in Sub-Basalt region of Kutch-Saurashtra Region Abir Banerjee, ONGC 1710 hrs – 1735 hrs
Summary and Conclusion by Session Chair / Panel Members   1735 hrs – 1800 hrs


Broadband, Advanced Demultiple and Velocity flooding approach for improvement in imaging Sub-Basalt Mesozoic in West of Heera, Mumbai, India Anupam Hazra, ONGC 1115 hrs – 1140 hrs

1605 hrs – 1620 hrs

Improvements in sub-basalt imaging in Kerala-Konkan area: A case study Anil Kumar, ONGC
Hydrocarbon Potential of Igneous Intrusives and their Exploration potential as a new play in Kutch Offshore Basin K R K Singh, ONGC
Reservoir Characterization using an Integrated Approach in areas with Poor quality Seismic data Srivardhan V, OVL
Sub Basalt Exploration challenges in WCMI-Kerala Konkan Basin, application of latest state of the art technologies and prospect analysis for Mesozoics N Chandrasekhar, ONGC

Current Practice and Advance in Foothills Imaging

February 23, 2019

EVENT Speaker Time (Hrs)
Delegate Registration - 0800 hrs – 0900 hrs
Inauguration Session   0900  hrs – 1000 hrs

Technical Session– 1 : Acquisition & Processing

A Comparative Study of Wide Azimuth Data and Conventional Data of Cachar Fold Belt Area K V Mithun, ONGC 1000 hrs – 1025 hrs
3D acquisition realities and processing strategies in mountainous thrust areas Satish Singh,
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris,
1025 hrs – 1050 hrs
Single-sensor Acquisition in Complex Thrust Belt Areas - A Case Study from Dubai Chirag Tyagi, SLB 1050 hrs – 1115 hrs
TEA BREAK / POSTERS   1115 hrs – 1140 hrs
Improve Subsurface Imaging in Complex Foothill Areas with Integrated Seismic Solution -- A case Study of Western Qaidam Basin in China Jia Wenrui, BGP Inc 1140 hrs – 1205 hrs
Seismic Imaging Over Foothills - Challenges and Solutions Hector Alfonso,Ecopetrol 1205 hrs – 1230 hrs
Summary and Conclusion by Session Chair/Panel Members   1230 hrs – 1300 hrs
LUNCH BREAK   1300 hrs – 1400 hrs

Technical Session-2 : Integrated workflows and Advance Technologies

Depth velocity model building in complex fold and thrust belts via an integrated study of active and passive seismic data: analysis of ray-based and wave-equation based solutions   Alok K. Soni, Shell 1400 hrs – 1425 hrs
Understanding Himalaya's Thrust Fold Belt Tusar Dutta, ONGC 1425 hrs – 1450 hrs
De-risking Foothills Imaging with Realistic 3D Geological and Geophysical Modelling -- SEAM Foothills Model Gladys Gonzalez, V&G Exploration 1450 hrs – 1515 hrs
3D Elastic Multi-parameter FWI in Foothills Area: From Numerical Developments to Applications Nishant Kamath, ISTerre 1515 hrs – 1540 hrs
TEA BREAK & POSTERS   1540 hrs – 1620 hrs
Mapping Sub-surface Geology from Magnetic Data in the Hides area, Western Papuan Fold Belt, Papua New Guinea Stephen Markham,  Archimedes Consulting 1620 hrs – 1645 hrs
Integrated Exploration Approach in Frontier Areas of Cachar Fold Belt: A Case Study Chakradhara Rao Basa, ONGC 1645 hrs – 1710 hrs
Summary and Conclusion by Session Chair/Panel Members   1710 hrs – 1740 hrs


Fold Thrust Belt Imaging challenges & strategies: A case study M K Singh, Oil India Ltd 1115 hrs – 1140 hrs

1540 hrs – 1620 hrs

Advantages of Airborne Gravity Gradiometery (AGG) Survey for Imaging Subsurface in Foothills Region of India Dr. D Saha, ONGC
Subsurface Imaging of a Segment of the Main Frontal Thrust - Himalaya, Using Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT) to Overcome the Challenges in Conventional Active Seismic Surveys Shashank Verma, IIT Kanpur

Field Trip

Venue : GEOPIC, Technical Interaction Centre, Dehradun

February 24, 2019

EVENT Speaker Time (Hrs)
Breakfast and Registration for Field Trip - 0800 hrs – 0900 hrs

Technical Session–

Tectonic evolution of the Himalayan fold and thrust belt and overcoming the challenges on foothill imaging Malay Mukul , IIT Bombay 0900 hrs – 0920 hrs
Tectonics along the Himalayas where plates colloids and earthquake happens Dr. Paramesh Banerjee, Nanyang Technological University 0920 hrs – 0940 hrs
Field Trip Faculty In charge : Dr. Mohit Kumar Puniya Scientist B, Survey of India 1000 hrs – 1900 hrs