Aims & Vision

  • To provide a forum for technical excellence and technological advancement in the profession of Geophysics for Exploration and Exploitation of Petroleum deposits; and exchange of views and ideas amongst the Geoscientists.
  • To formulate, monitor and promote norms of professional ethics for practicing Geophysicists
  • To Institute lectures, seminars, conventions, workshops and Honorary Awards, citation etc. to honor and recognize exemplary contributions in the field of geophysical prospecting for hydrocarbons.
  • To contribute to the cause of continuing education and technical advancement of geophysical professionals and students.
  • To institute technical journals and other publications for wider dissemination of knowledge in the field of exploration geophysics
  • To promote and foster research into important aspects of the geophysical technologies
  • To exchange knowledge with fellow Geophysicists and professional from various universities, sister disciplines and through other similar Societies in India and abroad.
  • To undertake all such activities as are conductive to the aims and objectives of the Society