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The Society of Petroleum Geophysicts, Mumbai Chapter was founded in 1999 with an objective to organise under a common platform that provides the E&P executives a forum to express & Exchange views & opinions on various exploration problems in Mumbai offshore areas. The Chapter organises lectures of both National and International experts as the new & Emerging technologies in E & P industry.

Total membership of the Mumbai Chapter is about 320.

SPG Mumbai Chapter for the term 2020-2022

President Shri. S. K Sharma
Vice President Shri. P. R Balak
Secretary Shri. Subhankar Basu
Joint Secretary Shri.  Amit Kumar
Treasurer Shri.  Abhinanadan Ghosh
Executive Members Shri.  Ashwini Lamba
Shri. Chilka Satish
Shri. Ayan Mallick
Shri. Pritam Bera
Shri. Rupjit Acharya

Contact Person:

Shri. Subhankar Basu

Secretary, SPG, Mumbai Chapter
Cell : 99692244861
Email : basusubhankar@hotmail.com