7th International Conference & Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics

Speculated Petroleum Systems in Deep Offshore Mahanadi Basin in Bay of Bengal, India.
Operating Cost Optimisation: Importance & Approach
Migration Modelling of Petroleum on the Occurrence of Pyrrolic Nitrogen Compounds in the Crude Oils of Cambay Basin, India
New Generation Permeability Logs
Geophysical Methods of Prospecting of Gas Hydrates, A Qualitative Approach
Rapid Change in Land Geophysics
Reduction of bad records using Six Sigma Methodology in Geophysical Field Party of WON Basin, Gujarat, India
2-D Waveform and Traveltime Inversion for Seismic Imaging, Naga Thrust Belt, India.
408UL Data Analysis
Lessons Learnt From Pilot Study for Reservoir Characterisation– The Case of Mumbai High
Application of Varisweep technology in 3D Survey over Chinnawala field, Rajasthan (A case history Ayalasomayajula Krishna Sarma, Mahendra Singh ONGC, Jodhpur, Rajasthan Summary
SN388 Dual-Module Operation with Indigenously Designed Interface
Multiples or Residual Moveout: The Presence of Which Noise Type in Seismic is Worse for Wide Angle AVO Inversion
Technical Challenges and Solutions of Produced Waters from Coal Bed Methane [CBM] Reservoirs
Natural Gas Industry in Iran
Permeability Modelling: Problems and Limitations in a Multi-Layered Carbonate Reservoir
Low Frequency Seismic Reflection Coefficients at Non-Welded Interfaces
Application of Anisotropic 3D Reverse Time Migration to Complex North Sea Imaging
An Integrated Geophysical approach for Sub-Basalt Imaging: A Case Study, Jam River Basin, India
Retrieving Reflections from Seismic Background-Noise Recordings: Theory and Results
Complex Imaging Challenges: Offshore South East India.
Quantification of Quality An Approach towards Real Time QC Mnitoring in the Field
Appliction of Geophysical Techniques in Co2 Sequetration
From Angle Stacks to Fluid and Lithology Enhanced Stacks
Fluid Expulsion Model for the Pre-Trappean Sediments of West Godavari Sub-Basin, Krishna Godavari Basin, India.
Very Shallow Gas Potential in Krishna-Godavari Basin
Integrated Geological Modeling of a Mature Oil Field in North Cambay Basin, India.
Fluvial Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of Oligo-Miocene Sediments of Upper Assam Forel and Basin, India using Well Logs and Seismic Data
Subsalt Imaging – The RAZ/WAZ Experience
2D HRSS for mapping of Coal seams – A case study in South Cambay Basin
Effect of Structure on Wide Azimuth Acquisition and Processing.
Innovative Express-Technology of Direct Searching for Hydrocarbon Deposits by Geoelectric Methods: New Perspectives in Oil and Gas Prospecting
Cost Effective Land Seismic Data Acquisition by Geophysical Services of WON Basin, Gujarat, India
Classification of Lithofacies Boundaries Using the KTB Borehole Data: A Bayesian Neural Network Modeling
Seismic Velocities for Pore-Pressure Prediction. Some Case Histories.
Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing In Tipam Sandstones: A Case Study from Tripura
Wide Azimuth Tow Streamer Acquisition: from Exploration to Field Development
Attenuation of High Amplitude Noise in Pre Stack Data and Preservation of Relative Amplitude -A Case Study
The Use of Aeromagnetics and Airborne Gravity in Petroleum Exploration
Fine-Scale P- and S-Wave Velocities From Elastic Full Waveform Inversion of Multi-Component and Time-Lapse Data: Future of Quantitative Seismic Imaging
Sea Bed Logging– Direct Hydrocarbon Detection Technique in Offshore Exploration
Methods for Identifying and Quantifying Gas-Hydrates –An Alternate Source of Energy
Seismic Modelling of in Viscoelastic Medium
Techniques of Volume Blending for Aiding Seismic Data Interpretation
Deconvolution of 3-component Teleseismic Data from Southern Tibet using the SVA Technique
The 4C Node Solution for Improved Reservoir Monitoring
Full azimuth 4C Node Acquisition for Enhanced PP and PS imaging
Detection of sub-trappean sediments by Deep Resistivity Sounding studies in India
Mapping Incised Valley Fill Systems: Application of Sequence Stratigraphy and 3-D Seismic Attributes
Development of a Software for Well site using Visual Basic 6.0
Negotiating Area Having Drilling Difficulty due to Gravel Boulder Beds in Near Surface-An Example from Cambay Basin
A Case for Revisiting the Evolutionary History of Pericratonic Cambay Basin, India.
Saturation Estimation of Gas Hydrates with Relevant Velocity Models
Effect of Cooperative Fuzzy c Means Clustering on Estimates of Three Parameter AVA Inversion
Six Sigma – A tool for breakthrough improvement in Geophysical Field Parties
Residual Moveout Correction; its impact on PSTM Processed data: A Case Study
Seismic Attribute Analysis-A valuable tool for accurate Placement of Horizontal Drainhole: An Elucidation through a case study
Migration Velocity Analysis for Tilted TI media: Application to Synthetic Data
Deepwater Channels and their Intricacies
Permeability estimation using flow zone indicator from Well log data
Constrained Inversion of Gravity Data Over Shillong Plateau
Identifying Target Layer for Horizontal Drainhole Drilling: Role of Straddle Packer Modular Dynamic Tester
- A Case Study of Mumbai High South
Application of Multi-Attribute Analysis in Mapping Favorable Facies Areas for Better Placement of Horizontal Wells inMumbai High Field
New Developments in Gravity Applications and Instruments
Significance of Gravity and Magnetic data over Thrust-Fold area—A Case Study in the Cachar area of Surma sub-basin of Assam Arakan Basin, Assam, India.
Vibroseis Deconvolution with Maximum Likelihood Approach
Acoustic Velocities as a Function of Changes in Confining Pressure of Kessanapalli Area of KG Basin
Multidimensional Modeling and Inversion of Marine CSEM Data Acquired with an Expanded Frequency Spectrum
Geomechanics in Reservoir Modeling– Role of 4D (Time-Lapse) Seismic
Fracture Prospecting with 3D Azimuthal Imaging
Identification and Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Bearing Reservoirs in Girujan Formation of North Shelf of Assam Arakan Basin of India
Recent Advances in Borehole Sonic Technology
Virtual Reality & Systematic Approach Lead to Better Success Ratio in the Exploration of Hydrocarbons
Analysis of Kalyanpur Field Discovery in Low Resistivity Silty Reservoir in Dhansiri Valley, A&AA Basin, Assam –A Case Study
Composite Log Triplets Offer an Effective Way of Ascertaining Status of Pay Sands in a Brown Field
A Case Study on Log Property Mapping in Ramnad Sub-Basin for Better Understanding the Nannilam Reservoir Distribution and Risk Reduction in Exploration.
An Algorithm: Seismic Travel Time Tomographic Inversion using Real Coded and Binary Coded Genetic Algorithm.
‘Illumination studies’- Tool for Better Sub Surface Imaging – A Case Study
Enhancing Seismic Imaging Through Close Spatial Sampling in Fold Belt Terrain; A Case Study
Techniques in Exploration and Formation Evaluation for Gas Hydrates
Seismic Inversion : A Critical Aspect for Reservoir Characterisation
Siliciclastic Neogene Sediments of Saurashtra Offshore, with Special Reference to Depositional Environment of Miocene Sandstones in Growth Fault Controlled Sedimentation in Shelf Slope Complex
Optimal Recovery from Low Permeability Reservoirs of Kalol Field, Cambay Basin, India - Some Key Issues.
Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Gravity Studies for Active Landslide Characterisation at Naitwar, Garhwal Himalaya, India.
Seismic Expression over Tulamura anticline, Tripura
Petroleum System and Play Types of Synrift Sequences, Ramand Subbasin, Cauvery Basin
Use of Satellite Imageries to Identify Potential Hydrocarbon Microseepage in Off-Shore Areas.
Processing Issue at Moderately Shallow Depth
Processing Challenges in Fold Belt areas: A case study of Rokhia structure, Tripura
High Resolution through Deabsorption: A case study from foldbelt area of India
Improvement in Subsurface Imaging Through Objective Based Designing of Acquisition Geometry in Tripura Area
- A Step Towards Future Exploration Success
Re-Blasting of Blasted Holes in Land Seismic Surveys - A Boon or A Bane? A Case Study from Cambay Basin, India
The Power of 3D Projection Filtering: Examples from Foldbelt Areas of India
Refinement of Structural Model through 3D seismic – Its Implication in Sediment Dispersal and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in South Gamij, Cambay Basin, India.
Markov Bayes Simulation for Structural Uncertainty Estimation
Seismic Inversion Tracks In-Situ Combustion: Time Lapse Seismic at the Balol Oil Field
Reprocessing to Delineate Sub Surface Feature of Shahjahanpur-Amir Nagar Area of UP
Problems in Ensuring Indian Energy Security Due to Human Capital Crisis – Some Strategies from Indian IT and BPO Industry
Sedimentary Facies Association with Evidences of Tidal Reworking in Lakadong Member – An example from Baghjan Field, Upper Assam Basin, India
Reflections Below the Interpreted Basement in KG Deep Offshore Basin
Image Improvement of Indian Offshore by Single-Sensor Seismic
Recent Developments in Magnetic Method for Hydrocarbon Exploration
3D Isotropic Prestack Depth Migration : A Case History of South Assam Shelf of Assam & Assam Arkan Basin
Angle Domain Analysis of P-Wave Seismic Data in the Presence of Anisotropy
A Review of QHSE aspects in Geophysical Operations of ONGC
Reconstructing Sedimentary Environment of Tura and Sylhet Formations Using Borehole Image Log – A single well case study from Upper Assam Shelf Basin, India
Gravity and Magnetic Surveys in Assam – Arakan Basin
Modeling the Behavior of Hydrates in Geologic Media - Indian Perspective
Vertical Seismic Profiling: An effective Tool in Exploration and Exploitation in ONGC
Applications of State of the Art Technology in Data Acquisition and Processing; A Shift Towards Better Imaging:
A Case Study from Endamuru - Mandapeta of KG Basin
Migration of Synthetic Data in Transverse Isotropic Media
Study of Trends of Fractures, Reafal growth, Solution Channls in th Carbonat Rservoirs from FMI Data – Case Studies from Mumbai Offshore Basin, India
A Possible Undiscovered Neoproterozoic Rift in the Middle Indus Shelf
Utility of Seafloor Geophysical Study in Search of Gas Hydrates / Gas Related Evidences in The Deep Waters of the Western India Margin
Seismic Database And Management System For Oil & Gas Exploration: A GIS Based Application
Optimization of Seismic Survey in Logistically Difficult Area: A Case Study from the Upper Assam Basin
Hydrocarbons in Crystalline Rocks: World Scenario
Seismic Advances Aid Reservoir Description- A Case Study from Gas Field of Tripura
Calibration of Sea Bed Logging (SBL) Survey Results and Well Data in Block KG-DWN-2002/1, Krishna-Godawari Basin
The Search for Theoretical Earthquake Precursors: Application of The ‘Two Fractal Overlap Model’.
Hydrocarbon Exploration Modeling in Thanjavur Sub-Basin of Cauvery Basin: An Alternative
Isolated Carbonate Buildups in Lower Oligocene Mahuva Formation,Tapti Daman Block : A potential New Play Type in the Western Offshore Basin, India.
Role of Spectral Balancing in Signal Enhancement
Improving the seismic imaging in Assam and Assam Arakan Basin :A case study
Pre-stack Seismic Inversion for Improved Reservoir Characterisation of KG Basin Deep Water Channel Sands – Case Study with Drilling Results
Geological Modeling and Facies Analysis in Sanand Field, Cambay Basin, India
Evaluation of Crustal Structure Beneath The Central Part of the “Bay Of Bengal” from Surface Wave Dispersion Studies.
Land 3 – D Surveys :– An improved approach for better Coverage and Cost Reduction
Sub Basalt Imaging Through Grid Based Tomography- A Case History from Western-Offshore Basin, India.
Enhanced Imaging of Subsurface by Pre-Stack Merging of Multi-Vintage 3D Data Sets and its Prestack Time Migration – A Case Study
PSDM as Diagnostic Tool to validate the Existence of Shallow Lime Stone in Palk Bay Area.
Improved Subsurface Imaging through Kirchoff Prestack Time Migration: A Case Study from Mehsana Block of Cambay Basin
Re-processing for Improved Imaging – A Case Study
Prognosticating New Hydrocarbon Plays and Unconventional Reservoirs through Integration of 3-D Seismic with Reprocessed Logs of “Missed-Oil Opportunities” In North Rudrasagar Field
Energy Security - Emerging Trends Towards a New Reality
Fixation of Processing Parameters for 2D OBC-TZ Survey- A Case Study
Role of Trace Weights in Acquisition foot print Suppression- A Case study from A&AA Basin
Multiple Suppression and Data Quality Enhancement Using Radon Transform: A Case Study
IBM Deep Computing Visualization Offering
Intelligent Oilfields
Seismic Data Processing and Quantification of Gas Hydrates in a Deepwater GOM Basin
Vibroseis Reflection Survey for Strategic Petroleum Reserve in Salt Cavern (Bikaner-Naguar Basin-Rajasthan) -A Case History
Mitigating Skips with Remote Sensing, DGPS and GIS Intergration.
Depositional Environments and Controls on Distribution of Aromatic Sulfur Compounds in the Oils of Tura-Sylhet in Khoraghat and Borholla Area of Assam and Assam Arakan Basin
Source - and Receiver-Side Deghosting in OBC Surveys
Use of Synthetic CMP Gathers for Velocity Guidance in Sub Basalt Seismic Imaging Problem: A Case Study of KG Basin
Simultaneous Angle Dependant Inversion (SADI) for Reservoir Characterization & Field Development.
Hydrogeophysical Characterization of the Unsaturated Zone.
Geothermometric and Geobarometric Studies on the Precambrian Granulites Occurring Near Patharkhang Village, West Khasi Hills Distirict, Meghalaya
Surface Geochemical Studies for Light Gaseous Hydrocarbons: Findings from Recent Gas Seepages in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh
Ground Water Potential Assessment using Resistivity Sounding Method near Kalikunda, West Bengal
Surface Geochemical Exploration – Implication for Trace Elements as Tracers for Oil Exploration.
Micropaleontology in Petroleum Exploration
Recent Shoreline Changes and Coastal Morphology of Gautami andNilarevu River Mouths of Godavari River, East Coast of India& Ground Water Quality of Kakinada CIT
Utilization of Geothermal Energy Resources for Power Generation in India: A Review
Imaging of Fractures and Faults Inside Granite Basement Using Controlled Beam Migration
Time-lapse Inversion for Monitoring In-situ Combustion Process in Balol Field, India
Processing of Mode Converted Shear Waves from 3C Offset VSP in Western Onshore Basin, India - A Case Study
Frequency Dependent Reflectivity in Fluid Saturated Media as a Tool for Identifying Hydrocarbon Bearing Zones
Application of Shot Domain Trim Statics as a Substitute of Interactive Refinement of Receiver Statics in Converted Wave Processing
Seismic Imaging of Deeper Objects in Krishna-Godavari Basin : Analysis of Crucial Issues
Modeling as an Aid in AVO Interpretation of Hydrocarbon in Virgin Area.
Understanding of Volcanic Intrusives and Hydrocarbon Habitat Through Integrated Study in Gulf of Mannar Offshore, Cauvery Basin
Stochastic Seismic Inversion for Lithofacies using Rock Physics and Multiple-Point Geostatistics
The semi-automated Intrusion Detection System for Secure Information Management
Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery from Carbonate Reservoir of Mumbai High North Field by Geological Steering Based on Real Time LWD (Logging While Drilling) Data- A Case Study.
Flexibinning Versus Prestack Interpolation: An Analysis
Forward Modelling PSEI* Using Well Data: A New Approach Towards Risk Mitigation in Exploration
Hydrocarbon Exploration Modeling in Cambay Rift Basin: An Alternative
Eaton’s Equation and Compaction - A study
A Paradigm Shift in Acquisition Technology
Value Addition from Reprocessing of Seismic Data: An Analysis of Some of the Case Histories
Effectiveness of Radon Filter in Multiple Attenuation: An Analysis on Real and Synthetic Data
Combining Geostatistics and Multiattribute Transforms– A Channel Sand Case Study
Identification and Evaluation of the Thin Bedded Reservoir Potential in the East Coast Deep Water Basins of India
Identifying Fluid Contacts In Stratigraphic Trap Through Seismic Forward Modeling; A Case Study
Survey design for wide-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition
Sand Geometry and Depositional Model of Miocene (TS-4) Sands in North Assam Shelf, A&AA Basin, Assam, India
Analysis of Crustal Structure in Western Offshore Area Using Gravity Data
Rift Architecture And Its Control On Syn- Rift Sedimentation In Ahmedabad Block, Cambay Basin
Challenges Involved In Computing Technologies Used In E&P Organizations
AVO in Oman: Ticking another box in the exploration process
Time-Lapse Refraction Methods – Status and Future Challenges
Deeper Plays in Bombay Offshore Basin: A Renewed Exploration Thrust
Wave Equation Based Deghosting of OBC Data
Processing of Multicomponent (2D-3C) Data of Satpura Basin: A Case Study
Improved Imaging through Refraction Statics in a Sand Dune Area: A Case Study.
Corporate Wide Licensing of Geo-Data Interpretation Software - A Case Study on Methods, Implementation Strategy, Management & Administration in ONGC
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Gentle Flank of the Rift Graben - A Study on Cauvery Basin, India
Three Stage Extensional Model for the Evolution of Bass Basin of Australia: Evidence of Oblique Rifting from Seismic Interpretation and Fault Trend Analysis.
Structural Elements of the Deccan Volcanic Province in Central India Derived from the Analysis of Potential Field Data
Imaging of Sub-Basalt Geology in the Deccan Volcanic Province of Central India from Gravity Studies
Exploration for Hydrocarbon Below Trap in Krishna-Godavari Basin – A Seismic Imaging Issue.
Improving Seismic Resolution through High Frequency Imaging
3-D seismic data acquisition, with special reference to recovery programme, in Contai area, Bengal Basin, India
Reservoir Characterization and Monitoring Using Multi-Transient Electro Magnetic (MTEM)
A Step Change in Marine Seismic – A Dual Sensor Towed Streamer
Time-Domain High-Resolution Radon Transform
NMO Application in VTI Media: Effective and Intrinsic Eta
Permanent Reservoir Monitoring using Fiber Optic Technology
Mannar Volcanics - Implications for Madagascar Breakup
Petroleum Systems of Upper Assam Shelf, India
Seismic Imaging Over Rugged Terrain (Some Indian Case Studies)
Optimizing Acquisition Geometry to Improve Sub-Surface Image Using Modeling Studies – Case Study from Krishna-Godavari Basin, India
Mapping of Mesozoic Sediments below Deccan trap using Magnetotelluric Method.
Exploitation Strategy and Drainage Pattern for Low Permeable Layer of Mumbai High field.
Removing NMO/Migration Stretch Effects for Improved AVO Analysis