8th Biennial International Conference & Explosition on Petrolelum Geophysics

AVO Techniques: Advantages, Limitations and Future Prospects
WAVELETS : A Mathematical Microscope
Geological Storage: Underground Gas Storage
Nano-Science & Technology in Upstream
A New Wireline Tool :Temperature Logging by DTS & DTSS Techniques
Collaborative Environment Framework for E&P Operations
Applications of Partial Differential Equations in Reservoir Simulation
Geo-microbial studies for the Exploration of Hydrocarbon in part of East Vindhyan Basin, India
Breakthrough in productivity of Seismic Data acquisition by GP 06 in Matured Cambay basin of Gujarat, India
Looking deeper through Pre Amplifier gain – A study
Tomographic imaging of the crust toward south of southern granulite terrain (SGT), India and its geodynamic implications
Integrated interpretation of marine GM data of West Coast (GSDWN-2002/01 NELP Block)
Improvement of stacking image by anisotropic velocity analysis using P-wave seismic data
Improved Seismic Energy Transmission through Proper Tamping of Explosive and use of Cement and Bentonite Clay
Whether to place the shot in higher velocity sand or lower velocity clay? A case study from Cambay Basin, India.
Rock Physics Template (RPT) Analysis of Well Logs for Lithology and Fluid Classification
Structural Framework and Deep-Marine Depositional Environments of Miocene- Pleistocene Sequence in Western Offshore Myanmar
High performance Vibroseis for high density wide azimuth land acquisition
Clay-typing, Depositional Environment and Framing a Petrophysical Model for Formation Evaluation in Vashista Field, Krishna - Godavari Basin-a Case Study
Imaging the shallow basin margin and deep basinal structures by executing two different 3-D Geometries simultaneously- A case study from Cambay Basin, India
Advanced Perforation Techniques for Production Maximization.
Introducing the attribute of centroid of scale in wavelet domain and its application for seismic exploration
Potential Evaluation of Underexplored Play in Matured Field– A case study of Rudrasagar Field, Assam
Methodology- Absorption of State of the Art Technology: A case study of Scorpion system integration in ONGC
On the Application of Simandoux and Indonesian Shaly Sand Resistivity Interpretation Models in Low and High Rw Regimes
Finite difference modeling of P-SV wave propagation in 2D elastic media with PML boundary conditions
3D prestack depth migration with compensation for frequency dependent absorption and dispersion
3-D tomographic Q inversion for compensating frequency dependent attenuation and dispersion
Sub-basalt imaging in the Gulf of Kutch
Analysis Behind Casing: A door to improved oil recovery from a carbonate reservoir in India.
Mumbai High Field Heterogeneity Addressed Through Quantitative Seismic Reservoir Characterization
Integrated Seismic Interpretation of the Mumbai High Field
3D acoustic wave modeling with a time-space domain dispersion-relation-based Finite-difference scheme
CT Assisted Petrography For Understanding Reservoir Heterogeneity in Carbonate Rock of Mumbai High Field
The phase congruency algorithm – A carbonate case study
Impacts of thin hard streaks of Tipam sandstone reservoirs on 3-D seismic attributes: Modelling guided interpretation of log and seismic data in Changmaigaon area of Upper Assam Shelf, India
Increasing Resolution with a New Method for Efficient Broadband Marine Acquisition and Processing
Second Generation Cableless Recording Systems and Source Controllers - The Declaration of Independence for Land Seismic Acquisition.
Major Pay Sand Delineation through Inversion Study from the Mid to Northern Cambay Basin Field, India
Application of Spectral Decomposition for identification of Channel Sand Body in OIL’s operational area in Upper Assam Shelf Basin, India - A Case study
“Prediction of High Pressures in HP-HT well - A case study from KG Basin, East coast of India”
Resolution enhancement of seismic data using stationary wavelet transform
Prospectivity of rift fill sequences in Krishna-Godavari Basin (a case study of Kaza-Nandigama area)
Gas Hydrate: Prospect and Potential of Mahanadi Deep Water Basin
Imaging a Sharper Strati-Structural Anomaly through Iterative Velocity Model Building and Pre Stack Time Migration- A Case Study in Indian Context
Feasibility of OWC monitoring from the surface with EM methods
Seismic facies classification by neuronal processing and block classification- NW of Geleki Field, North Assam Shelf, India
A Seismic driven integrated approach to build a reservoir model for a heterogeneous shallow marine stratigraphic
sand body in Krishna Godavari basin.
Global 4-D Seismic Inversion and Fluid Prediction
Seismic attributes and property estimation of thin sub-resolution sand-shale reservoirs
Prediction of CBM Reservoir Parameters, Jharia CoalField, India
Airborne Geophysics – A Fast Track Approach in Petroleum Explorations
3D Pre Stack Merging – A Case History in Cauvery Basin
Time-lapse seismic monitoring for thin interbed reservoir in the Eastern China
Improvement of signal to noise ratio by Group Array Stack of single sensor data
Multicomponent Seismic (3C) Data Acquisition– A case study from Oil India Ltd. operational area in Upper Assam Basin
Improving Surface Seismic Resolution using VSP Data
Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Geology
Enhanced Resolution, Imaging, and Interpretability: Dual-Sensor Towed Streamer Data Examples from around the World
Seismic Inversion and EMERGE Studies for Porosity distribution analysis in DCS area, Bombay Offshore Basin
Prestack Depth Migration - An ultimate aspiration for subsurface imaging in geologically complex area.
Fine tuning of pre stack migration parameters- A quantum jump in sub-surface Imaging: A case study from Mori-Adivipalem of KG Basin
A Synthetic Study on the Feasibility of CSEM Application in Mapping Shallow Hydrates
Dynamic modeling while acquiring seismic data
Ray Trace modelling for Offset VSP acquisition
Integrated Fracture Identification with Z-VSP and Borehole Images: A study from Cambay Basin
Crooked line seismic survey in thrust-belt and mountainous area of Mizoram, North East INDIA: A Case Study
Exploration Targets with Speculative Petroleum System in Different Arc Setups of Andaman Basin, India
3D seismic data acquisition in logistically challenged area due to fish/prawn ponds in KG Basin – a case history
Depth to the bottom of magnetic sources in Germany – analysis of anomalies of the Earth’s magnetic total field
Possible Extension of Hydrocarbon Bearing Jabera-Damoh Vindhyan Basin, Central India and its Geotectonic Evolution: Inferences from Detailed Gravity Studies
Structural Mapping Based on Remote Sensing and Potential Field Data – A Peninsular India Case Study
Digital accelerometers: how they have impacted the seismic industry In 10 years?
Data Conditioning, Curvature Analysis, and Spectral Decomposition Processing of 3-D Data
Time to Depth Conversion: An unconventional approach
Focused Source EM Survey - As an efficient solution for Standard Marine CSEM problems
Identifying relationship between Permeability, Overburden Pressure and Gas Content of the coal seams in Raniganj Coalfield.
Energy Security An Indian Perspective: The Way Forward
Reverse modeling based on testing results using log overlay technique provides insight into non Archie Reservoirs of Ankleshwar field in Cambay Basin, India.
Attenuation of geophone-component OBC noise: a case study from the Gulf of Khambhat
Gas Hydrate: Challenges to crack and Opportunities awaiting
Damped Least Square Inversion of AVO Data to obtain Fractured Medium Properties
Pore size distribution and Ultrasonic Velocities of compacted Na-montmorillonite clays
Visualization and Interpretation of Multi-Disciplinary Data Volumes: A Comparative Study
Static corrections in challenging cases
An Approach to Water Saturation Estimation using NMR Data in Water-Wet Rocks: A Case Study
The Role of Geomechanics from Prospect Generation and Exploration Drilling to Field Development
An Integrated Approach for Saturation Validation: A Case Study
Efficient and meticulous planning for 3D seismic data exploration in severe logistically challenged terrain in Krishna-Godavari Basin – a case history
Determination of In-situ Stress Magnitudes for an Offshore Basin of Eastern India
Delineating Karst features using Advanced Interpretation
Quantification of Error Statistics in 2D Thermal Models: Application to Sedimentary Basins
2D-Imaging of Mesozoic Sediments along Umapur –Brahmanawada (W-E) Profile, Central India using Refraction Data.
Prestack Time Migration and its effect on the identification of BSR in western coast of India
Pore Pressure Prediction: A Regional Approach
Shear wave statics in 3D-3C : An alternate approach
Deep waters of Rakhine Basin - A New Frontier?
Major Hydrocarbon Trap Types in Dhansiri Valley,Assam and Assam Arakan Basin, India.
Radial Gain and its Advantages in Seismic Data Acquisition
Delineating basement structure under sedimentary cover using Gravity Inversion
Inter-basinal correlation of Paleogene sediments of Jaisalmer and Barmer basins, Western India: an approach by sequence stratigraphy
Multi geophysical attribute analysis reveals new plays in the Dharvi Dungar Formation of the Barmer Basin, Rajasthan, North West India
Advanced reprocessing of the Air Field South 3D seismic survey, Rajasthan
Seismic Characteristics and Energy Release of Aftershock Sequences of Two Giant Sumatran Earthquakes of 2004 and 2005
Sequence Stratigraphy – an emerging tool in hydrogeologic investigations B. M. Tripathy1* & M.P.S.Bisht2
Multi Attribute Analysis - An effective visualization & interpretation technique
Thrust belt Seismic Processing-A case study from NE part of India
The logs vis-à-vis production characteristics of TS2 paysand of Lakwa Field, India
Results from the Initial Field Trials of a Borehole Gravity Meter for Mining and Geotechnical Applications
Features of some petrophysical interrelations of reservoir rocks of Western Siberia
Depositional Environment, Reservoir Characteristics and Extent of Sediments of Langpar & Lakadong+Therria
in Chabua Area of Upper Assam Basin.
Development of technology of petrophysical knowledge synthesis and its application to formation evaluation.
More Precise Mapping of Geological Features with The Newly Generated Fresnal Zone Volume Attributes – A Case Study
Application of proper imaging tool for structurally complex area: A case history of Cauvery Basin
Anomalous thermal structure and upwarping of mafic crust below the K-T boundary impact site offshore near Mumbai: Implication for Hydrocarbon occurrences
Conceptual Model of Tura-Sylhet-Kopili Depositional Systems, Upper Assam Basin, India using Seismic Sedimentology
Geological, geochemical and geoelectric studies for hydrological characterization and assessment of Bakreswar thermal springs in hard rock areas of Birbhum district, West Bengal, India
Shear-waves processing: Characterization and opportunities of shear-wave splitting
Automatic detection of Litho-Facies via the Hybrid Monte Carlo Based Bayesian Neural Networks Approach
HSE issues in Geophysical Operations in ONGC
Near Surface study using Engineering Seismograph
Integrated Petrophysical Evaluation for Completion Optimization of Horizontal Wells: A Case study from Mumbai Offshore
Gas Hydrates in relation to Seismic Geomorphic Features and its Impact on the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Deep-water Andaman Basin, India
Understanding the unusual spinner response of small diameter continuous flowmeter in two-phase flow for reservoir management in inclined wells - a case study from Mehsana oil fields.
3D – 3C Seismic Surveys as Tool for Fracture Identification – Survey Design Case Study
Modern Seismic Attributes Transforms Classical Structural & Stratigraphic Interpretation
Improving sub-surface image with conventional wisdom & innovative approach – Case study from Krishna-Godavari Basin, India
Particle Swarm and Differential Evolution – Optimization for stochastic inversion of post-stack seismic data
Geological Controls on Gas Hydrates occurrence along Continental margins of Indian subcontinent
Application of neuro-fuzzy network in marine sediment classification from side scan sonar data
Biotechnology in Petroleum Geoscience
Estimation of Pore Pressure from Well logs: A theoretical analysis and Case Study from an Offshore Basin, North Sea
A FORTRAN code for quantitative interpretation of self potential anomalies
Identifying relationship between Permeability, Overburden Pressure and Gas Content of the coal seams in Raniganj Coalfield.
Seismic guided Well Placement in Karstified Carbonate Reservoir: A case study
Near-miss reporting as an integrated tool for the proactive Management of safety, health, environment, security
And quality in Geophysical Operations
Full Azimuth Seismic Acquisition with Coil Shooting
Integrated Interpretation of Gravity, Magnetic & Seismic data for delineation of Basement Configuration in Sadiya Block, Upper Assam, India
Is Mumbai High a Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoir?
Role of Remote Sensing and GIS to Provide Geological Input for Hydrocarbon Exploration – A Case Study on Godavari Basin Rajahmundry
A new technique for porosity determination using seismic density
Some issues in 3D Pre stack Merging
Extrapolation of well calibration in large exploration areas Lifts up the bar for true amplitude recovery of seismic reflection data.
Recent Advances in Shallow Water Marine CSEM Surveying
The GPU/CPU based Fourier integration depth migration: algorithm and implementation
A method of accelerating seismic Pre-stack time migration by GPU
Common Reflection Angle Migration (CRAM) for improved input to reservoir description – An example from offshore India
Structure and Tectonics of Deep-Water Kutch-Saurashtra area, Western India.
Model based seismic inversion using non-Gaussian autoregressive moving average initial model
Interpreting CSEM data in complex resistivity regime
Seamless Pre-Stack Integration of Streamer Datasets with Q-Marine Dataset – A Case Study from Eastern Coast of India
New 3D flattened space for seismic interpretation
Mapping of Subsurface Lithology Using Magnetic Data
Low Frequency Migration Technique to image fractures below Sub Basalt or Trap - A Brief Analysis
A feasibility study for full wave seismic imaging in Cauvery basin, India
Analysis on Effectiveness of Spectral Balancing in Signal Enhancement- A Case Study
Clay anisotropy and gas hydrate saturation in KG Basin, eastern offshore India: Site 15
Improved Imaging through Pre-stack Trace Interpolation for missing offsets of OBC data –A case study from North Tapti area of West Coast, India.
Fractional Derivative in Pressure Transient data Analysis with Phase Redistribution in Fractal Reservoir for Reservoir Characterization
Identification of discontinuities by attribute analysis and planning of wells for basement exploitation – A case study in Mumbai High Field
Solar Energy: Applications as Non Conventional Energy Resource
Capturing Bypassed Oil from a Giant Mature Carbonate Field under Water Flood - A Case Study of Mumbai High South.
Speculative Petroleum System & Play Model of East Andaman Basin from Regional Geology and Basin Evolution Concepts: Addressing the Exploration Challenges of an Extreme Frontier Area
Structural Modeling and Seismic Attributes Analysis of Synrift Sequences in East Andaman Basin: A Qualitative Approach towards Fault Seal Analysis in a Frontier Exploration Area
Interval anisotropic parameters estimation in a least squares sense– Case histories from West Africa
Challenges in Processing of Multi Azimuthal, Multi component Offset VSP data in a deviated well of Kuthalam area of Cauvery Basin, India.
Design, Implementation & Integration of Fast Track Meta-Data Pre- Processing in Field Processing Units - An innovation in throughput & solution oriented approach
Surface-related multiple elimination with multiple prediction on GPU
Significant Impact of Look Ahead VSP on Understanding The Sub-Surface Ahead of Bit – Demonstrated Value Addition as Well as Cost Savings in Deepwater Environment
3D Seismic Acquisition-Complexities In Geometry Check.
Imaging Velocity Structure Using First Arrivals from Seismic Refraction Data
Preprocessing, A Keystep for Improved Imaging -An Example from Cambay Basin
Elastic impedance for gas sands discrimination and risk mitigation– A case study in deep water of Mahanadi Basin
FALCON Airborne Gravity Gradiometer, Aeromagnetic and Seismic Data Integrated Interpretation for the basement and structural configuration over Chirete area, Argentina
Modeling Multidimensional Australian Resources Data for an effective Business Knowledge Management
Gas Hydrate Stability Thickness along Indian continental margins
Petroleum system modeling along a dip section of Bengal Basin, India
Enhanced imaging through 3D volumetric refraction static in Rajasthan area: a case study.
Geochemical Exploration-Near Surface Expression of Hydrocarbon: A Case Study from Frontier Block of Assam-Arakan Basin
Reverse Time Migration and amplitude preservation
Elastic Properties of Carbonate: Effects of Fluids Frequency And Heterogeneity
A practical review of migration issues and solutions
Isostatic geoid anomalies over the plateau region of Central India
2-D Velocity structure of Kerala-Konkan region using seismic traveltime Inversion
Use of Antrack Volume in Horizontal Well Placement
C-Wave processing of 3D seismic data of Cambay Basin-A case study
Improving Resolution with Spectral Balancing- A Case study
Environmental Study using Electrical Resistivity Imaging Tool s[Syscal Kid Switch-24]
Inversion of seismic data using a hybrid approach between Particle Swarm Optimization and VFSA
An Investigation of the Tools of Seismic Data Processing
Integrated Analysis of Late Albian to Middle Miocene Sediments in Gulf of Mannar Shallow Waters of the Cauvery Basin, India: A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach
Integrated geoscientific studies for production revival from offshore brown field platform-– A case study in Mumbai High field
Comparison of Classical Archie’s Equation with Indonesian Equation and Use of Crossplots in Formation Evaluation: - A case study
Common Reflection Angle Migration (CRAM) for improved input to reservoir description – an example from Mumbai High Field
Common Reflection Surface Stack and its utility: A case study
Recovery planning for non-seismic objects (SO) encountered in Land 3D survey - A Case Study
3D Seismic survey using swath or patch-centered shooting: A comparative analysis
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Seismic Surveys in KG Basin
Exploration in Frontier Areas - Imminent Challenges & Endeavor: A case study from Upper Assam Basin, India
Modeling Concealed structures of Cachar fold belt integrating seismic, geologic and land sat imageries with special reference to Bhubandar field-Assam and Assam Arakan Fold belt, India
Mangala Field: A Seismic journey from Discovery to Development
Electrical signatures of the shallow crustal features across the NSL zone using magnetotelluric study, central India
An Analytical Approach to Noise Attenuation: A case Study from Interior Sub Basin, Gabon
Fault Seal Analysis: A method to reduce uncertainty in Hydrocarbon Exploration. Case study: Northern part of Cambay basin