9th Biennial International Conference and Exposition on Petroleum Geophysics on 16-18 February, 2012

Pore Pressure Prediction from Well Logs and Seismic Data
Determination of Geoelectric Strike and 2D inversion of Magnetotelluric Data from Himalayan Region
Effects of VTI Anisotropy in Shale-Gas Reservoir Characterization
Direct Current VES Data Inversion using Singular Value Decomposition Method for Delineating Seawater Intrusion in parts of Konkan, Western Maharashtra
Modeling of Rock Boundary using Walsh Domain Sequency Filtering: An Example from the German Continental Deep Drilling Program (KTB) Borehole Site
Drainage Mapping‐Supplementary tool to Seismic for Detecting Buried Structures
Pennar Basin : A Potential Spot for Synrift Exploration
Inversion of Schlumberger Vertical Electrical Sounding Data using Hybrid Monte Carlo Based Bayesian Neural Network Approach
Geoscience Integration and Interpretive Model Building to overcome Seismic Imaging problems in Foothills Environments
Tectonics, Structural Style and Petroleum System Modeling to understand Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbon in Kerala Konkan Area, Western Offshore, India
Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Prospects in Kutch-Saurashtra basin using Surface Geochemical Prospecting studies
Significance of Trace metal anomalies in finding hydrocarbon micro-seepage in petroliferous areas of Krishna Godavari Basin, India
Mapping of concealed anticline in Banskandi area of Cachar, Assam
Mapping Hydrocarbon seepages using satellite SAR data in Eastern Offshore - Essential Input in Oil Exploration
Absorption Related Velocity Dispersion below a possible Gas Hydrate Geobody.
Onshore Future-Seismic Here Today.
Estimation of In-Situ Stress from Cleat orientation for Coal Bed Methane Exploration, Jharia Coalfield, India
Planning for a HPC Seismic data processing facility
Evaluation of Coalbed Methane potential of the Eastern part of North Karanpura CBM Block, Jharkhand, India
Effect of Temperature vs Base Sediment & Water in Waxy Crude Oil
Source Organofacies in Tertiary and Pre-Tertiary sequences of Ganga Basin and their hydrocarbon exploration significance
Magnetotelluric Method: A Tool for Deep Crustal Study
Post Acquisition Quality Analysis of 3D Seismic Data Using Field Processing Unit, an aid to processing - A case study from Bengal Basin
Deepwater channel levee system of Mahanadi Basin
A Seismic Study to Investigate the Prospect of Gas Hydrate in Andman Deep Water Basin, India
Confounding effects in seismic imaging – a case study
Interactive Seismic Data Processing-Interpreters’ Role
Broad-band seismic data from the ocean floor – Ocean bottom nodes
Target Detectability and Reservoir Characterization Using 1D Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics
Offset vector tile anisotropic tomography and PreSDM of the Hild OBC
Remote Sensing Based Assessment of Neotectonics and Morpho-Structures of Krishna Sub-Basin: A Preliminary Probe for Oil and Gas Occurences
Image Enhancement through Common Reflection Surface Stack – Application to Seismic Reflection data of Mahanadi Basin and Delhi Aravalli Fold Belt
Unconventional Shale-gas plays and their characterization through 3-D seismic attributes and logs
Seismic attenuation across a BSR in the Makran offshore
Perforation Techniques in brown fields for Production optimization.
Geophysical model response in a shale gas
Seismic Inversion: Reservoir Characterization of Thin Sand below K-IX Coal in Nardipur Low Area of Cambay Basin
OBS wavefield separation and its applications
Delineating deeper events– A Case history
Improved Core recovery using in-situ freezing
An implementable alternate survey geometry design for ideal Land 3D Seismic Acquisition
Production Performance Analysis for a Coalbed Methane well
Reservoir Grade 3D Seismic: Quality Issues for Quantitative Reservoir Characterization - The Case Study of Mumbai High
Broadband towed marine seismic acquisition via total system de-ghosting
Mud volcanoes in deep water of Andaman Forearc Basin
Pay zones detection through integration of improved geochemical technique and log data: A case study from North Assam Shelf, Assam & Assam Arakan Basin, India
Innovative Stimulation Approach in a Mature Field with Special Reference to Multilayered, Horizontal and Multilateral Wells


Prediction of coal-bed permeability from well logs using artificial neural network
Water-Alternating-Gas (WAG) Injection a Novel EOR Technique for Mature Light Oil Fields - A Laboratory Investigation for GS-5C sand of Gandhar Field.
Mass-tranport complexes in deep water of Andaman Forearc Basin
3D Seismic Survey in South Kadi- Balsar area with Special reference to Recovery Plan over Obstacles-A Case Study
Estimation of thickness of Deccan trap in Broach Jambusar block of Cambay basin –an innovative approach
Opportunities for recovery enhancement through IOR strategy - A case study of brown field redevelopment
Mesozoic Prospectivity of Kerala Konkan Offshore Basin
Decoding of CGM files for creating GIS based Corporate Database
Acquiring 2D Seismic Data in a Logistically Difficult and Highly Complex Area: A Case Study in Mizoram
Value Addition through Casing Integrity Evaluation using Multi Finger Imaging Tool (MIT)-Case Studies of Assam Asset
Role of a consistent model of Petrophysics & rock-physics for seismic reservoir characterization – A case study
Singular Value Analysis (SVA) of electrical response of a General Aquifer Model (GAM) for direct and inverse relation between electrical resistivity and hydraulic conductivity
Exponential Finite Difference Method for Simulation of Electromagnetic Response of Layered Earth
Crustal Structure of NW Himalaya through Gravity and Magnetic Data Analysis
Integrated studies for sub basalt imaging
Sensitivity Analysis for Simultaneous Inversion of Angle limited seismic stacks
A Simplistic Channel/Facies Based Model for Hydrocarbon Accumulation Environment in an Upper Assam Field, Through Integrated Geological Modelling, Seismic and Petrophysical Approach
Cross-well seismic modelling for coal seam delineation
Developing a seismic data information center: a discussion
Practice of seismic-gravimetrical modelling
Exploring prospects with FTG Gravity
Cloud Computing – Next generation tools for Oil and Gas Companies?
Enhanced Reservoir Description Through Application of Suitable Techniques using Core, log and Well Test data for Successful Water Injection Performance
Knowing a Giant Gas Reservoir with Time
Cable Free Seismic Acquisition in the South of México
Analysis of Sand and its Seismic Manifestations, Kerala Deepwater Basin - A Case Study:
Delineating 3D Sand body Geometry Using New Generation Dip Modeling Software Application: A Nobel Methodology for Effective Well Planning for Horizontal Well Placement
Flow Unit Characterization in a Fluvial Sedimentary Environment from High- Resolution Image Facies Analysis: An Integrated Approach Using Advanced Logs
Establishing Standards for Transcription of Seismic Data: Process, QC and Learning
Changing Face of offshore HSE – A case study
One of the Key Finding that Related to Cause Accident at Macondo Well (BOP failure)
Application of Knudsen flow in modeling gas-flow in shale reservoirs
A Rock Physics Model for Exploring Heavy Oil in Infra-Cambrian Bilara Carbonates of the Bikaner-Nagaur Basin.
An Experimental study of Aphron Based Drilling Fluids
Depth determination of 2-D SP anomaly source using Energy Spectrum method and its advantages
Full Field Array Electromagnetics: Advanced EM from the surface to the borehole, exploration to reservoir monitoring.
Pre Stack Seismic Imaging of deeper Subsurface: A Case Study from North Assam Shelf
Pre-stack Merging of 3D Vintages : A case History from Assam Arakan Fold Belt
Attribute analysis – A tool in development of field. (A Case study)
A framework for risking analysis with EM data
CSEM and MMT in the use for sub-basalt structure outside the west coast of India
Regional Kinematics of Tripura Cachar Fold belt and its Syncline Exploration Strategy
Deep Reservoirs Delineation by Swan’s AVO Product Indicator: A Case Study
Determination of rifting vectors in Eastern continental margin of India: A combined study of Paleostress analyses and Remote Sensing data
Integrated interpretation of Gravity & Magnetic data for delineation of sedimentary thickness in deepwater block of Andman Basin
Reservoir Characterization using AVO and Seismic Inversion Techniques
Seismic Data Acquisition In Complex Boulder Bed Area: A Case Study In Arunachal Pradesh, North East INDIA
Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration: effective tool for depth imaging
High Performance Computing in Geosciences: Promises & Challenges
Imaging Improvements in Thrust-Belt using Travel Time Tomography: A case study from NE Part of India
Challenges in Using Hybrid Streamer Configuration-A Case Study
Significance of Statics and Noise Attenuation in Low S/N scenario - A Case Study from NE part of India
“Lava delta” below 85º ridge, Mahanadi offshore basin; identification, characterisation and implication on hydrocarbon prospectivity
Bioremediation of Crude Oil Spills and its Effect on Aquifer Geochemistry
Use of Integrated Seismic Attributes for Paleo Geomorphic Insight - A Case study from OIL’s operational area in Upper Assam Shelf Basin, India.
Digital sensors and shallow multiple holes help effectively negotiate With areas posing drilling and energy transmission problems – examples from Cauvery Basin, India.
Accuracy Analysis of Micro-Earthquake Hypocenters in a CO2 Sequestration Experiment
Delineation of western margin fault of West Godavari sub-basin and Bapatla Horst of K-G basin using 3D Seismic and Gravity data – A case study of KGOnland block area falling in Krishna and West Godavari districts, Andhra Pradesh
Gas hydrate stability zone modeling in the Krishna Godavari Basin, Eastern margin of India
Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Prospectivityby Non-seismic Microbial Anomalies Method in Khubal Area of Tripura, India
Application of GPSeismic in Seismic Surveys in Palar Basin
Application of Common Offset Inversion Over Geological Models
3-Component Processing of VSP data
Hydrocarbon Occurrences in Mahanadi Basin
Minimizing Fracture Characterization Uncertainties Using Full Azimuth Imaging in Local Angle Domain
GPS timing: how it is transforming land acquisition
Identification of gas using Vp/Vs vis-a-vis Poisson’s ratio
Modern Sub-Basalt Seismic Imaging - Deepwater Realm Offshore Southwest India
Modelling Studies as a Tool for Offset VSP surveys – Case Studies
Variable-depth streamer acquisition: broadband data for imaging and inversion
Sub-basalt Multiple and Noise Suppression Usinga Dense, Marine Wide azimuth Recording Geometry
Surveillance over a Blowout Region using NRMS repeatability : A case Study from Dikom Field in Upper Assam Basin.
Characteristics of Low Velocity Layer in Upper Assam Basin near Naga Thrust: A Brief Study
Understanding Complex flow behavior through Reservoir Pressure Depletion Trend and core based flow zone indicators.
Challenges in Merging Seismic Data (Six Vintage) at Pre-Stack Level & Time Migration of Offshore 3-D Seismic Data, Western Offshore, India: A Case Study
Estimation of near-surface shear velocity structure by ground-roll
Reservoir Characterization of Pay Sands Encountered in Malleswaram Area – An Inversion Case Study
Identification and characterisation of seismic anomalies associated with the gas hydrates in the Southern Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand
An Integrated analysis of Seismic Impedance with Petro-Physical Data for identification of Porosity Behaviour in Oligocene Lime Stone of D18 Area Of Western Offshore, India
3D-3C Seismic data acquisition – survey design and implementation: A case study NAS Block, A & AA Basin
Poroelastic Seismic Boundary Conditions
An Integrated approach for modeling naturally fractured reservoirs of Borholla field of Assam basin by DFN approach using 3D seismic data, log data and dynamic data
Side View Seismic Locator (SVSL) - Micro Seismic Technology
Thick Skinned Tectonic and Entrapment of Hydrocarbon in Fractured Basement and Overlying Tertiary Reservoirs in Borholla-Changpang Field, Dhansiri valley, A&AA Basin.
An Approach to Understand the Near Surface Parameters for Seismic Survey in an Unknown Area
Residual Moveout Analysis in a 3D dataset from Amplitude Variations with Offfset
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Area on and around Ninety Degree East Ridge to the West of Andaman Islands.
Application of advance tools for reservoir characterization- EEI & Poisson’s impedance: A Case Study
Removal of noises using Tau-P transformation - an indigenous tool for noise attenuation in shallow seismic data
Improved Sub-surface Imaging by Pre Stack Merging and Multiple Attenuation of 3D Multi- Campaigns Land Data – A case history
Deliberate Search for Stratigraphic Traps within Oligocene Sediments of Central Graben in the Western Offshore Basin, India.
Feasibility and design study of a multi component seismic survey: Upper Assam Basin
Integrated Analysis for Facies distribution and Porosity development within Middle-Late Eocene Bassein carbonates in south-western DCS platform area, Mumbai Offshore Basin
Passive Seismic Monitoring over Wavel oil field of Cambay basin, Gujrat for quick assessment of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs.
Gravity-Magnetic & Magneto-Telluric surveys in Purnea Onland Basin, India - A case history.
Simultaneous analysis for Dry well and Future prospective location with the use of calibrated seismic attributes and newly generated rock property volumes – A Case Study
Realizing Higher Productivity by Implementing Air Drilling Technology For Drilling Hard Top Hole Sections in Vindhyan Fields
Nonlinear one-dimensional seismic waveform inversion using Harmony search
Higher Availability and Efficiency of VSP system through Innovation.
Review of the Processing and Interpretation of Seismic data of C-24 field, Mumbai Offshore Basin- A case study
Optimization of Well Performance by Dual Gradient Drilling - A Literature Analysis
Acquisition Foot prints in 3D Seismic Data: Causes & Removal during Processing
3D Converted Wave Data Processing – A case history
Extensive Noise attenuation of shallow water 3D seismic data in KG Offshore, India
Near-surface solutions in seismic data processing
Occupational Risk Management: A Case Study of Noise Survey and Mitigation Measures at Offshore Process Complexes of Mumbai High Asset, ONGC, India
Development of Saturation Height Functions for a Multilayered Carbonate Reservoir of an Indian Offshore Field
Processing of Tripura’s Fold Belt Data using Tomo-Statics and Investigation of Low Illumination Zones.
The role of seismic modeling in Reservoir characterization: A case study from Crestal part of South Mumbai High field
Forward Modeling Helps Delineating Reservoir from Seismic Data; a Case Study
Structural Modelling with Qualitative and Quantitative analysis to understand Crustal architecture along a regional profile in Western Offshore Basin, India
An Integrated Approach to distinguish and delineate Sub-Unconformity Stratigraphic Pay-sand - A Case Study
Analysis behind Casing for Better Understanding of Current Fluid Potential in Brown Field: Case Studies from Mumbai High field, India
Mapping of Potential Coal-Mine Fire Zones in Jharia Coalfield using Differential In SAR (DInSAR)
Automated Quality Control of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Data
Paleogene low stand deepwater canyon fill deposits in Mahanadi Offshore Basin: can it prove to be the elusive major hydrocarbon discovery?
Application of Gauss-Newton tomographic inversion to seawater velocity estimation
Designing of Hydrofracturing Operation for Shale in Indian Conditions.
MASW versus Refraction Seismic Method in terms of acquisition and processing of data and the accuracy of estimation of velocity profiles.
Influences of Variation in Phase of Input Wavelet with Respect to Actual in Data on Seismic Inversion and Geological Interpretation
A novel approach to improving well positioning and drilling confidence using seismic interpretation and quantitative studies on rock physics guided depth imaging and integrated pore pressure analysis: A case study from Andaman
Sea fore-arc exploration.
Efficacy of Real-Time-Data-Streaming for accurate and precise landing of the wells under drilling. - A case study in Mumbai High Field.
An Implementation of Double Difference Approach to Improve the Imaging of the Earth’s Interior
A comparative analysis of various seismic refraction interpretation techniques over granitic bedrock
Case Study Demonstrating the Ability of 3D3C Seismic Data to Predict Petro physical Properties of Shale
Challenges and Strategies of Seismic Survey in Thrust-Belt and Mountainous Area: A case study
Basin Configuration of the Kutch Rift Basin from High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data
Estimation of depth to the bottom of magnetic sources (DBMS) using modified centroid method from Aeromagnetic data of Central India
Improved efficiency in marine CSEM with a novel towed acquisition system
Group array stack in high density seismic data acquisition– an attempt to boost signal to noise ratio
Improvement in Basement imaging through spectral and geo steering filter for geological model building in Neduvasal area.
Spectral Decomposition reveals the subsurface channels: A Case Study
Enhancing gas field discovery by multi component imaging and joint inversion
Suppression of Multiples by High Resolution Parabolic Radon Transform using Bulk Shift in Complex Area
Modeling for Detection of in-situ Combustion through Acoustic Impedance response in Santhal Field; A Feasibility Study
Detection of gas in sandstone reservoirs using AVO analysis in Cambay Basin. A case study.
Pre-conditioning of data before PZ summation in OBC survey - a case study
Successful Application of Horizon Velocity Analysis for Imaging in Seismically Obscure Area:-A Case Study from Mumbai Offshore Basin
Analysis of Vs, Vp/Vs & Poisson’ s ratio from Rig Source deviated VSP vis-a-vis Log data -A case study
Value Addition to the Conventional Seismic Data Processing through Preserving Low Frequency: A Case Study
Seismic Attribute Analysis for Identification of Strati-Structural Prospects: A Case Study from Upper Assam Basin
Various Practices to Compute Seismic Statics -A Case Study from Oil India Limited’s Operated Digboi- Margherita 3D
Subsurface Imaging: Through Multi-focusing Approach
Subsurface Mapping through Objective Based Geometry Designing - A Case Study
An Integrated Approach Using Non Seismic and Seismic Surveys for Hydrocorbon Exploration in the Interior Sub-Basin, Gabon (Central West Africa) – A Case Study
Importance of Collapse Gradient of Formation for Stable Well
Multifractal Analysis of Seismicity of Kutch Region (Gujarat)
Enhancement of oil production from an offshore brown field platform by entering in an undrained area with integrated approach - A case study in Mumbai High Field.
Gravity Gradiometry: Potent Potential Field Method
Sub-Surface Understanding of an Oil Field in Cambay Basin
Seismic modeling and reverse time migration on a high performance computing System
Improved Imaging through Pre Stack Depth Migration- A Case Study
Low frequency modeling and its impact on seismic inversion data
Selection of an optimised multiple attenuation scheme for a west coast of India data set
Anisotropic parameters for HTI media: Application to land data with orthogonal shooting geometry – An example from India
Sub-Basalt Imaging in Indian offshore - Concerns and Possible Solutions
Value addition through re-processing of vintage data by Pre Stack Time Imaging- A Case history from Mumbai offshore basin
Structural Inversion and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity along the Shelf Edge South of D-18 Area, Mumbai Offshore Basin
Pressure Transient data Analysis of Fractal Reservoir with Fractional Calculus for Reservoir Characterization
Improved Lateral & Vertical Resolution through PSDM to Delineate Wedgeout - A Case History from Mumbai Offshore Basin
P- and S- wave attributes in monitoring shale gas reservoirs
Estimation of Gas Hydrate Saturation along a Seismic line in the Andaman Offshore using Acoustic Impedance and Resistivity
Sub -Basalt Imaging - A Processing Effort
Pre-Stack Integration of 3D Seismic Data of different Vintages: A Case Study
Characterizing the Clay Particle distribution in Deepwater Channel Levee Complex using Borehole Micro Image and Multi Triaxial Induction Measurement: A Case Studies from Eastern Offshore India
Characterization of the relationship between the resistivity and gas hydrate concentration in the subsurface of mud volcanoes in Baratang Island, Andaman through Electromagnetic (terra TEM) technique
Identification of Low Resistivity Pays in Tapti Daman Field: An Integrated Petrophysical Evaluation Using Image and Spectroscopy Log
Energy Security of India: An overview in present context
Image Enhancement of OBC Data- A Case Study
Palynology – A non-Seismic method in Hydrocarbon Exploration
Anisotropic Depth Imaging of Heera Panna Bassein – An interpretive case study
A Transformation from Acoustic and Density Properties to Reservoir Properties applied to Krishna Godavari Basin, India
Tomographic imaging of the Gondwana sediments and shallow Basement configuration for hydrocarbon potential in the Mahanadi delta, India
Effective medium modeling of quasi-elastic medium
Empirical trends of velocity- porosity and velocity-density in shallow sediment in Kerala- Konkan Basin on the west coast of India
Prediction of Liquid Loading
Vertical Seismic Profile (VSP) inversion for Geothermal Reservoirs
Estimation of Chargeability and Permeability using Spectral Induced Polarization Data
An evaluation of Fast sweeping method for Eikonal equation and its adjoint
The basic workflow followed in an Oil Industry to explore Hydrocarbon
On some critical aspects of numerical simulation of seismic wave propagation
Enhanced workflow with effective In-house Integrated QC & visualization in Field Processing - An innovation in throughput & solution oriented approach
Exploration Strategy in Tripura Fold Belt, Assam & Assam Arakan Basin, India - Some Contemporary Approach
Monitoring of Radioactive scaling and effect on well performance in well of Mumbai High field
3D Seismic data acquisition across Godavari River & Oil & Gas pipe lines grid in KG Basin – A Task accomplished
Petroleum exploration in Mesozoic basins in Western Onshore India
Integration of Geochemical and Seismic attribute Data: Enhancement of hydrocarbon exploration success ratio
Synthetic Seismogram – A Tool to Calibrate PP & PS Seismic Data
Role of tectonics in development of fractured basement reservoir in Mumbai High Field, Western Offshore Basin, India
Delineation of pinch-outs within Panna Formation of Paleocene-Early Eocene sequence in and around South Mumbai Low to Identify Prospective Areas - A Case Study
Emerging Technology to Enhance Production From Mature Offshore Fields
An overview of AVO and inversion
A family of particle swarm optimizers for reservoir characterization and seismic history matching.
Characterization of the unconventional and carbon sequestrated reservoirs- the new challenges to the prestack waveform inversion
How to Successfully Develop Projects
Velocity modeling in Kuwait’s largest oil field
How much is in the tank? Estimating the likelihood of reservoir oil volume from 3C-3D seismic data, well logs, and geostatistics
Ultrasonic imaging of anisotropic domains: laser-etched fractures in glass and 3D printed cracks
Managing Coalbed Metahne (CBM) data in a coporate E&P database – to make faster decisions & to cope up with increasing data need
GSPC Mitigates Risk and Optimizes Business Performance by laying out strong foundation of E&P Corporate Database through Corporate Database Managed Service (GSPC-CDMS) Project
Enhanced Oil Recovery – Inno Oil
Stimulating Tight Sandstone Reservoir for Improved Water Injectivity
Accelerate your brown field production at low cost
Subsurface geomechanical analysis, comparison with prestack azimuthal AVO analysis, and implication for predicting subsurface geomechanical properties from 3-D seismic data
India: Inching towards an Unconventional Regime
To Generate and Analyse RISK INTENSITY MATRIX for Offshore data acquisition in ONGC in consideration with QHSE & Security aspects.
Depositional processes and sequence stratigraphic framework of Eocene clastic sequences based on T/R sequence model In the North Cambay Basin
RESUM, Volumetrics and Report Maker
Dense Strata & Noise Attenuation
3D Crossplot: A Petrel plug-in to draw three dimensional crossplots from well and seismic data.
The benefits of low frequencies in seismic inversion: a land example
On the pore volume compressibility and its application as a petrophysical parameter
So I have a Seismic Image, But what is in that Image?
Seismic Imaging Challenges in the North of India
Carbon Capture and Geological Storage: What are the Big Issues and Opportunities for the Petroleum Industry?
Non-hyperbolic MultiFocusing improves depth imaging Geomage MultiFocusing - Beyond Conventional Seismic Processing
The 5th Dimension!
Non-Conventional Energy Sources: Current Scenario and Future Trends – A Key-Note Address
Geomechanical Study To Evaluate Wellbore Stability In Planned ERD Wells in Western Offshore, India.
Pore-level Reservoir Characterisation and Modelling: It’s the Little Things That Count
Lessons taught and learnt in a DISC course on seismic acquisition
Multiphase flow modeling challenges for monitoring of hydrocarbon reservoirs and CO2 sequestration targets: multiphase
Broadband Marine Seismic Data Acquisition: Opportunities and Challenges
Targeted tight & shale gas development: Quantitative estimation of lithological and geomechanical reservoir quality parameters from seismic data
Energy Independence through CDM using geothermal resources: Indian Scenario
Overcoming the Challenges of Developing HPHT O&G Wellbore Technologies
First Successful deployment of Rotary Steerable Technology For North East Region - India
4D seismic for identification of potential unswept areas for development in a producing field with water injection support: A case study of the Ravva Field, east coast of India
Best practices application of geophysical techniques: Cairn Examples
Beyond “dots in a box” - Tomographic Fracture Imaging a new empirical view of reservoir permeability fields.
Drilling and Completion Technologies to meet Challenges of Waxy, High Pour-Point Oil Production
Developing a Sustainable Safety Culture in Major Hazard Industries: Beyond Red Tape and Ribbons