10th Biennial International Conference and Exposition on the theme


Delineation of a Possible Subsurface Ridge in Onshore Palar Basin based on Morphotectonic Studies and its Implications
(S. Mazumder*, K.K.S. Pangtey, D. S. Mitra)


Mapping of complex geology in Banskandi and north plunge of Teidukhan areas of Assam using high resolution 2D seismic survey
(H.N.Garg* )
Estimating Uncertainty in Well Log Analysis by Monte Carlo Simulation
(Yashrakshita  )
A new Approach to determine T2 cutoff value with integration of NMR, MDT pressure data in TS-V sand of Charali field.
(B.S. Haldia*, Sarika singh, A.K Bhanja, Asim Sam anta, CEWELL, Vadodara, ONGC, India, P.P.Deo, IRS Ahmedabad, ONGC, India  )
3D seismic Survey in transition zone in Krishna-Godavari basin -A case study
(C.V.G. Krishna, D.N. Murthy* and D. Ramesh)
Sequence stratigraphic study of Passive Margin and Foreland sequences and impact of post Barail tectonics on the structurisation and hydrocarbon potential of Geleki and satellite fields of Upper Assam.
(Radha Krishan, Priyanka Bhardwaj, C.P. S. Rawat , Sachchanand, Dr Alok Dave, Shipra S. Bhagwani.)
Segmentation and classification of shallow subbottom acoustic images using image processing and neural networks.
(Satyanarayana Yegireddi and Nitheesh Thomas)
Qualitative and quantitative investigation of microstructures within porous rocks by using very high resolution x-ray micro-CT imaging.
(Gerhard Zacher1, Matthias Halisch2, Peter Westenberger3, Samaresh Changdar4)
Attribute Analysis in a 3D Seismic Area of Kerala Deepwater Basin - A Case Study:
(S. K. Sahu*, D.K. Jha , Dr R.R. Sundriyal & D.K. Panda)
Recent Developments in Spectral Decomposition of Seismic Data (Techniques and Applications): A Review.
(Kiran Khonde*1, Richa Rastogi1)
Use of Pulsed Neutron Logs to Detect Tubing Leaks and to Identify Water Channeling behind Casing - Case Studies from Western Offshore Fields.
(Rakesh Saxena*, Sunil Chaudhary, R.K. Pandey, Well Logging Services, 11 High, ONGC, H.K.Chadha, A.K .Agrawal, Neelam & Heera Asset, Vasudhara Bhawan, ONGC, Vibhor Verma, Rajvardhan Singh, Schlumberger Asia Services)
An Efficient 3D Elastic Full Waveform Inversion of Time-Lapse seismic data using Grid Injection Method.(Dmitry Borisov (IPG Paris) and Satish C. Singh*
(IPG Paris)
Integrated "Modified Inversion" approach to improve Litho-Facies mapping in clastic reservoirs in Kalol reservoirs, Cambay basin.
(Surajit Gorain*)
An Integrated Pre-Stack Depth Migration using Model based Velocity Estimation & Refinement - A Case Study in Andaman Offshore.
( Subhendu Dutta *, Apurba Kum ar Basak)
Integrated study of gravity and seismic data of Bengal Basin.
( MN Lakra*, Kh. Nabakumar , D Saha, Akib Hussain and Kuldeep Prakash)
Transformation of a Marginal Field into a Major one - the Challenges & Success: A case study from Western Offshore Basin, India.
( A K Maji*, D Z Badwaik** and S Chandrasekaran*)
The low resistive Tertiary clastic reservoirs in KG Basin, India a challenge towards Hydrocarbon Explorations.
( Dr. K. Yadagiri*, A. D. Mohanty, IVSV Prasad)
Recognizing Horizontal Stress Orientation for Optimizing Well Placement and Well Completion Jobs.
( R.R. Tiwari)
Identification of source pods using biomarkers as a tool for Mumbai High oils, India.
( R. Nalini*, Ramah Murugadass, C.S. Mishra, Harvir Singh, S.P. Singh and K. L. Mehrotra)
An integrated inversion of seismic refraction and reflection data using combined wave-equation tomography and full waveform inversion.
( Haiyang Wang, Satish C. Singh*, IPGP, France, and Henri Calandra, TOTAL, France)
Reservoir Heterogeneity visualized using Geological Expression workflows in the Stybarrow Reservoir, NW Australia
( Michael Halpin*, ffA, USA; Tom Wooltorton, ffA, USA; Dr. Gaynor Paton, ffA, UK)
Predrill wellbore stability analysis using rock physical parameters for a deepwater high angle well: A case study
( Samit Mondal *, Karthikeyan G & B K Patel)
Geotechnical site characterization through geoelectrics
( Rambhatla G. Sastry* and Param K. Gautam**)
Isolation of gravity signatures due to major earthquakes from Satellite Gravity Data.
( Aruj Pant and Rambhatla G. Sastry*)
Play Analysis in Mahanadi-NEC Deepwater Sector: Is Deeper Stratigraphy the Next Horizon?
( Subir Das*, R.S.Waraich, Shyam Mohan)
Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Fault Seal Integrity Analysis: A Case Study from Jambusar Field Cambay Basin, India.
( Sushil Kumar*, Mayadhar Sahoo and S.K. Chakrabarti)
AVO and Constrained Sparse Spike Inversion for reservoir characterization of an area in Mahanadi Offshore Basin.
( Binode Chetia*, Puja Prakash, P.K Chaudhuri, A.K. Tandon)
Pre-Stack Inversion for Reservoir Characterization of Jambusar Block of Western Onshore Basin of India: A Case Study.
( Sanjai Kumar Singh*, Puja Prakash, Sunil Kumar Singh, S Bhagat, PK Chaudhuri, A.K. Tandon)
Hydrocarbon prospectivity of Khubal Structure and it’s adjoining area of Tripura Fold Belt - Some key issues.
( A.K.Jena*, B.S.Haldia, A.K.Sahoo, A.K.Bhanja & Asim Samanta)
EPINET – G&G Information Resource Management in ONGC.
( C Ravi Kumar* & M P Rao)
Structural Modelling of Inversion Structures: A case study on South Cambay Basin.
( Dr. Mayadhar Sahoo & S.K Chakrabarti)
Delineation of prospective area in Palar offshore based on analysis of natural seepage model in Cauvery offshore.
( H.D. Dave*, S. Mazumder, K.K.S. Pangtey, Blecy Tep and D.S. Mitra)
Risk Mitigation in Well Placement through Integrated Seismic Inversion Analysis in West Mumbai High, India.
( V. K. Baid*, Brijesh Kumar, Mahendra Pratap, G.C.Katiyar+)
An innovative technique for geochemical analysis of polyol contaminated sediments.
( Neelam Niranjan*, S K Jain, Anita Gupta, Leena John, Naznin Pathan, G S Yadav and Dayawant)
Seisloop based 3D seismic survey: an unconventional approach.
( Mithilesh Kumar*, Dr. R. Dasgupta)
Edge detection and depth estimation using 3D Euler deconvolution, Tilt angle derivative and TDX derivative using magnetic data of thrust fold belt area of Mizoram.
( G. K. Ghosh* and R. Dasgupta)
Identification of Hydrocarbon Potential of Cambay Shale by Overlay Technique and P-Half Method using Log Data.
( *Ramyani Mukhopadhyay)
The seismic response to strong vertical velocity change.
( Ian F. Jones, ION GX Technology)
CO2–EOR from Oil Reservoir Models of Turbidite Depositional Environment.
( I. Akervoll *, P.E. Bergmo and M. Felix)
Petrophysical Studies of Hazad Formation from Jambusar Field.
( Sanjiv Satyarthi * J P Lakhera, Dipika Solanki, A K Jain)
Seismic Mapping of Inversion and Shear zones, generation of oblique shears and associated structures and implications on hydrocarbon entrapment: A case study from a Miocene oilfield of Upper Assam, India.
( Dr.Gupta S.R*., Singh, Chiranjit, Mishra Ashish)
Reservoir characterization through pressure transient test - A case study from the field of Cambay Sub - Asset.
( *J.P.Srivastava, Aditya Kumar, Vikash Chowksey, Anupam Banerjee, Dr. D.K.Baishya)
Improving knowledge about earth subsurface based on anisotropic depth imaging. Case of land, full azimuth seismic survey for unconventional hydrocarbons exploration in Poland.
( Wojciech Kobusinski, Geofizyka Torun S.A.)
Effective Fault Interpretation using 3-D Software Technology and Fault Displacement Analysis.
( Peter Bretan,* Badley Geoscience Limited, UK. Amandeep Kaur, Samit Spectrum EIT Pvt Ltd, India.)
Syn-rift architecture, depositional pattern and hydrocarbon prospectivity of syn-rift sediments in Tanjore sub-basin, Cauvery basin.
( V.M. Saxena*, G.C. Sati, Braj Mohan, Sushil Kumar & Shipra S. Bhagwani)
Mapping of Reservoir Sands within Cambay Shale Formation Using Simultaneous Inversion.
( Vishnu Kumar Pandey*1 , D. Srinivas2 and Ranjit Shaw1)
Enhancing geological features of crystalline basement rocks using monogenic signal decomposition of magnetic data.
( S.V. (Rao) Yalamanchili* and Hassan H. Hassan)
Reservoir Characterization of a heavy oil bearing structure in Bikaner Nagaur Basin, Rajasthan, India.
( S.K. Basha, Anup Kumar, Oil India Limited, Anubrati Mukherjee*, Mukesh Gupta, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.)
Estimation of receiver shear statics from multicomponent uphole survey.
( Puneet Saxena, M.K. Jain, ONGC)
Successful Prediction of Depth and Velocity using Look-Ahead Vertical Seismic Profile Inversion to Reduce Drilling Uncertainties.
( Khaitan, M.L., Tyagi, P. and Dwivedi, A., Schlumberger; Srinivas, D., Adani Welspun Exploration Limited (AWEL))
Analysis of Gravity-Magnetic signature of Ramnad sub-basin for estimation of basement depth.
( *D. Saha¹*, Sudhir Kumar2, Vedpal3, J.N Prabhakardu4, Kuldeep Prakash5)
Multi-Azimuth anisotropic tomography and PreSDM of a North Sea streamer survey.
( Dejan Sekulic1, Olga Matveenk2, Geir Mikkelsen2, Juergen Fruehn1*, Claudia Hagen1, Said Hedir1, Phil Smith1.)
On parameter estimation in an inverse problem using optimum and over-parameterized model – a 1D CSEM test case.
( Rahul Dehiya* and Arun Singh*.)
Land Multicomponent Seismic Survey: PS Binning Approach – A Case study.
( T Krishna Prasad*, B K Barve, G Sarvesam, R K Khanna, K Baskaran)
Application of inversion and Multi-attribute transform to classify reservoir facies distribution:A case study from Upper Assam Basin.
( Srivastava, R. K.*; Singh, Y. R.; Reddy, B. J.)
Reservoir Properties of Daman Formation, South Tapti Basin evaluated from Well Log and Seismic Data.
( Aakanksha Bansal*)
Offshore sub-basalt exploration using CSEM and MT.
( Krishna Kumar, Deepankar Borgohain*, Jan Petter Morten, Frida Mrope, Martin Panzner and Deepak Kumar, (EMGS))
Interpretation of Magnetic Anomaly data over East Basuria region using an Enhanced Local Wavenumber (ELW) Technique.
( Jitendra Vaish*, and S. K. Pal)
Uncertainties in Hydrocarbon Exploration in Deepwater areas: a few case studies.
( C.Samajdar* & R.Kumar)
FALCON® Airborne Gravity Gradiometry provides a smarter exploration tool for unconventional and conventional hydrocarbons: case study from the Fitzroy Trough, onshore Canning Basin.
( David Moore1, Priyanka Roy Chowdhury1, Tony Rudge2)
Generation of synthetic shear wave logs for multicomponent seismic interpretation
( Amit Banerjee* & A.K. Bakshi.)
Seismic Attribute Analysis for Reservoir Characterization.
( Mohammad Anees*)
Continuous Wavelet Transform: A tool for detection of hydrocarbon.
( Surya Kumar Singh*)
Sub-thrust imaging with a Unified Imaging concept: A Case study from Upper Assam, India.
( Dasgupta, K.; Reddy, B. J.; Singh, S. N.; Oil India Limited, Duliajan, India. Jaiswal, P.; Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, USA.)
Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation of the Argillaceous Sediments in a part of Nagapattinam Sub basin, Cauvery Basin.
( Mala Janardhanan*, Dr.B.G.Goswami, Jitendra Prasad.)
The Borehole Gravity Meter: Development and Results.
( Chris J.M. Nind, Jeffrey D. MacQueen)
Extension of the Vindhyan Proterozoic Sedimentary Sequences in Ganga Basin- Geoscientific Evidences and Implications for its Hydrocarbon Prospectivity.
( Rajesh Sharma*1, Jitendra Kumar1, M.S.Negi1, K.D.Bal2, Usha Pandey1.)
Identification of forced folds or jacked up structures in Satpura Basin: An attractive hydrocarbon play.(
Jitendra Kumar*, M.S.Negi* , Paramjit Singh** and Rajesh Sharma*)
Well Log Simulation- A new vista in Formation Evaluation.
( Avadhani VLN*, Bhanja AK, Samanta Asim)
Multi attribute transform and Probabilistic neural network in effective porosity estimation-A case study from Nardipur Low area, Cambay Basin, India.
( Pinaki Basu* & Rajeev Verma)
A robust full ghost-free marine acquisition.
( Risto Siliqi*, Thierry Payen, and Ronan Sablon)
How the unique exploration challenges of operating in the Indian land environment can be met with the latest cableless technology.
( Robert G Heath,* Scott Burkholder, International Seismic Company Sayed-Amr El-Hamamsy, SRD Innovations)
Integrated Surface Geochemical and 3D Seismic Studies to understand the Hydrocarbon Seepage Pattern.
( Rasheed, M.A*., Aviral, B., Surabhi, N., Santhosh, D., Srinivas, K., Hasan, S. Z., and Rao, P.H)
Wide Aperture Reflection-Refraction Profiling (WARRP): “An effective tool for sub-basalt exploration”- A Case Study.
( Manoj Kumar Bhartee and Karad Kapil)
Analysing the onland seismic field data for parameter fixation: a new insight.
( O.P.Singh*, Ram Kumar1& N.Roy 1)
Lithology prediction and fluid discrimination in Block A6 offshore Myanmar
( Hanumantha Rao. Y *, Loic Michel, Hampson-Russell, Kyaw Myint, Ko Ko, Hay Man Ye Lwin, MPRL E&P)
Shale Gas Evaluation of Cambay Shale Formation in Tarapur Syncline, Cambay Basin, India – A Seismo-geological approach.
( Sunit Kumar Biswas*, Ravinder Ariketi, Rituraj Dubey and Sushil Chandra.)
Role of Data Analysis in fixing parameters for petrophysics & rockphysics modeling for effective seismic reservoir characterization–A case study.
( Beena Jhaldiyal , Bisht, B.S., Chaudhury P.K.,Chetia, Binode)
Stochastic Approach to Delineate Facies - An Integrated Study Using Seismic Attributes and Facies Logs on a Clastic Oil & Gas Reservoir of Western onland Basin of India.
( Bisht. BS*, Singh. RBN, Bahuguna .MM, Das. PK, Shukla. Manish, Mondal Satyajit, Samir Walia**)
Incorporating different data types in velocity modelling.
( Pranav Audhkhasi*)
Use of NMR and other logs for study on Texture Characterization of Clastic Rocks.
( Rituparna Dutta*, B. S. Reddy)
Petrophysical Well Log Analysis for Hydrocarbon exploration in parts of Assam Arakan Basin, India.
( Ishwar, N.B.1 and Bhardwaj, A.2*)
Joint inversion of 3D seismic and Towed Streamer EM facilitating estimates of total hydrocarbon volume in place.
( Folke Engelmark* and Johan Mattsson.)
Exploration Potential of Syn-rift Olpad Play in the western rising flank of Warosan low, Mehsana Tectonic Block, North Cambay Basin.
( Varughese C. M.*, Das N.C., Arya O. P., Kumar Anil & Singh A. K.)
Delineation of Thin Reservoir Pay Sand and it’s Prediction in Saurashtra Dahanu Area, Western Offshore Basin, India-A Case Study.
( B.K Singh*, P.V.V. Satyanarayana, K. R. Nambiar, U.G. Marathe,)
Geological Modelling of Tipam Sand –IV, Upper Assam Shelf, India.
( Madhu Bisen*, Tanuj Upadhyay, Susheel Dogra, Rakesh Rastogi)
Integrated light Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Bacterial Anomalies for Identification of Hydrocarbon Seepage in Pranahita-Godavari Basin, Andhra Pradesh.
( B. Anu Radha1*, M.A. Rasheed2, N. Rao Ch.3, D.J.Patil1, A.M.Dayal1 and R. Muralikrishna3)
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Deccan Trap in Northern Cambay Basin.
( Atul Jamkhindikar*, Mukesh Jain*, S.N.Mohanty)
Lithobiostratigraphic Correlation and Paleoenvironment of Hazad Pays in Eastern Part of Jambusar – Broach Block, Cambay Basin.
( *Aswal, H. S., K. K. Das, U. N. Yadava, K. K. Nayak, Prathimon, P. T., P. B. Rana)
The use of 3D exploration seismic for seabed mapping and geohazard studies with the advent of broadband marine seismic.
( Mazin Farouki*)
Resolution and imaging of complex reservoirs - the value of broadband seismic via dual-sensor streamer acquisition.
( Cyrille Reiser, Tim Bird and Mazin Farouki*)
How passive data can be used to improve active land data.
( Scott K . Burkholder, Robert G Heath,* Jim O Donnell.)
Bezier curves and representation of reservoir extent maps.
( Achintya Pal*.)
Sediment Architecture of Half Graben Play and Its Hydrocarbon Implication in and around Jetalpur Low, North Cambay Basin, India.
( C.L.Chatterjee*1, S.K.Das1, G.C.Katiyar1, R.P.Singh1 and Koel Pramanik2)
A different approach for delineating reservoir facies under various uncertainties: A Case Study from Cambay Basin, India.
( Negi Anil,*, Kumar R., Pokhriyal D., Pandey A.K., Singh S.K. and Singh RBN.)
Micro Seismic Evidences in Active Seismic Data: Resonant Near Infrasonic Micro-Seismic Emission as Direct Hydrocarbon Indiator (DHI) (A case study from Upper Assam Basin, India).
( G. K. Batta*, S.N.Singh**)
Signal Enhancement in OBC data- A Case Study Western Offshore Basin, India.
( Mithai Lal*, B N Bhatta, Brajesh Das, D.Chaterjee)
Integrated Approach for Identification of Moveable Hydrocarbon in tight Reservoir – A Case Study from Tarapur Area, Cambay Basin, Gujarat.
( Ravinder Ariketi*, Sunit Biswas, Rituraj Dubey and Sushil Chandra)
A study of Gas Hydrate with future Energy Perspective.
( Asit Kumar Samadder* and Sonali Gosain**)
Ninety Degree East Ridge & hydrocarbon prospectivity of West Andaman area.
( Chandan Samajdar, Amitabha Sengupta, Rahul Kumar*)
Understanding of Petroleum Systems of Gondwana and Paleogene Sediments in Bengal Basin, India: A two (2D) dimensional basin modeling study.
( D.K. Phaye*, D.K Srivastava, M.V.Nambiar, A.K. Sinha, V. Prabhakar, S. Das #.)
Value Added Imaging through Reprocessing - A Case Study of Basement Mapping in North Mid of Tapti (NMT).
( A. Ghosh*, R. Madan, D. Chatterjee, Chaman Singh)
Translating the Interpretation of Well Log Suite for Reservoir Characterization to Acoustic Impedance Log to Propagate Over the Area through Seismic; Case Studies in Clastic and Limestone Regime.
( NK Khatri*, Bhumija Agarwal, PK Upadhayaya, Jai Nath Ram and GC Katiyar,)
Facies characterization of a seismically thin reservoir using Poisson Impedance.
( Raghvendra Singh*, Ashok Yadav and Yogendra Singh)
Hydrocarbon Exploration in Himalayan Region – A Tough challenge with High Reward.
( Deepak kumar*, J Madan and B Venkatesh)
Integrated Interpretation of Thrust belt area based on Seismic and Surface Geologic Mapping- A case study from Upper Assam Basin, India.
( J.P.Singh*, K.L.Mandal and Neeraj Tyagi)
Meaningful Seismic Data Acquisition in Gojalia, South Tripura, Assam Arakan Fold Belt: A Challenge.
( K. V. S. Yajnanarayana* and Dr A Choubey)
Deformation modeling around a wellbore using finite element technique.
( Rima Chatterjee, Dip Kumar Singha and P. Sangvai*)
Reservoir Delineation through multi component VSP data: A Case study from Cambay Basin.
( Sanjiv Kumar Shrivastava, Rajeev Kumar Jaiswal & U S D Pandey)
Effects of chemical composition and petrography of coal for coalbed methane evaluation with special reference to in-situ gas content
( B. Karmakar1* T. Ghosh2, K. Ojha1, A. K. Pathak1 & J. Devraju3.)
Joint gravity, magnetic and crooked line seismic data interpretation to delineate the exploratory drilling locations in the Mizoram thrust belt area.
( G. K. Ghosh*, S. P. Singh and R. Dasgupta)
Analysis of different interpolation methods for uphole data using Surfer software.
( P. Vohat* , V. Gupta,, T. K. Bordoloi, H. Naswa, G. Singh and M. Singh)
Thrust Belt Imaging: Challenges and their possible solutions with special reference to Upper Assam Basin.
( Pawan Kumar Singh*1; R. Dasgupta1 and N. P. Singh2)
Seismic Inversion: Reservoir characterization of K-IX sand in Mahelaj, Naika and sadra area of Cambay Basin.
( Dr. Gupta A.C.*, Maurya S.N, Purkayashta S.C, Upadhyaya P.K, Ram Jai Nath)
Reservoir Characterization Case Study, Cambay Basin, India
( Priyabrata Chatterjee*, Anil Malkani, Abajyoti Boruah, Ikhilesh Dwivedi and Peter Hansen)
Integrated Study of Charali field with a special emphasis on Barail sands to bring out Channel Geometry from Log Data & P-Impedance volume.
( R.C.P. Saxsena S. Uppal*, Md. S. Akhtar, & A. Bhardwaj)
Surface Related Multiple Elimination: A Case study from East Coast India
( Poli Naidu *, Santosh, Subhash Chand and U.C.Saxena)
Unlocking the Mystery of Formation Evaluation in the Hostile Conditions of the Krishna- Godavari Basin, India.
( Ghosh K., Guru U., Banik S*., Schlumberger Shankar S., and Ramakrishna Ch., ONGC Ltd., India)
Delineation of underground aquifer with natural EM in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan
( Kh. Nabakumar1*, D Sar2, Madhukar Singh1 , CK Gogia1 and Mohan Lal3)
Seismic attribute analysis and Neural network application for reservoir characterization in Lanwa Field, India ; A case study.
( Archana Sharma*, RK Sharma , PK Upadhaya and Jai Nath Ram)
Detection of Thin Sand by Using Seismic Inversion in Gandhar field of Cambay Basin, India-A Case Study
( Bhumija Agarwal *, Harjinder Singh , AN Tandon, PK Upadhyaya , Jainath Ram.)
Chemical composition and Sr-Nd isotopic studies of basement rocks from Kerala-Konkan Offshore Basin of India: Implications on future exploration.
( S. S. Rathore1, Rajeev Kumar, G. C. Uniyal and H. Upadhyay)
Objective Oriented Reprocessing of 3D data - A Case Study of Cambay Basin.
( Viswaja Devalla* S.K.Choudhary and M.S.Rawat)
Value Addition through Objective Oriented Reprocessing of Land 3D Seismic Data:A Case Study from Cambay Basin.
( S.K.Chaudhary, Viswaja Devalla and M.S.Rawat)
Seismic Inversion: Reservoir characterization of K-IX sand in Mahelaj, Naika and sadra area of Cambay Basin.
( S.K.Chaudhary, Viswaja Devalla and M.S.Rawat)
Improving Imaging through Specular Amplitude Enhancement in the Local Angle Domain
( Masako Robb,* Zvi Koren, and Duane Dopkin)
Application of Multiattribute analysis for delineations of high impedance sands: a case study of Cambay basin.
( M.S.Rawat*, Viswaja Devalla, T.K.Mathuria and U.S.D.Pandey)
Cloud Computing Technology for Oil & Gas Industry-future outlooks and challenges
( U. Chambath*1, D. Bhattacharya2, S. Birdus1, H C V Kumar2, L. Pham1, N. Mudge1, B Kumar1, R. Walia1)
Seismic data acquisition in logistically difficult area of Karbi-Anglong, Assam - a case study.
( G. K. Ghosh* and D. N. Saroj)
New Insight to Hydrocarbon Potential of Shelf Margin Basin West of DCS Area in Mumbai Offshore Basin, India.
( S.N. Mohanty*, Mukesh Jain*, Atul Jamkhindikar)
Recovery Planning over Obstacles during 3D Seismic Survey –A Case Study for Cambey Basin.
( Yogaxem Sharma*, GVS Kishore, KR Gogoi, TW Ingle, M. Singh)
Oil-oil and oil-source correlation by application of Compound Specific Isotopic Analysis (CSIA): A frontier tool applied to Kali-Kuthalam area in Cauvery Basin.
( Ashok Raina*, R.K.Saxena, H.C.Pande, Vartika Roy, A.K.Mittal & Anil Pande)
Estimation of gas-hydrates from seismic velocity-resistivity transformed data in the Krishna-Godavari basin, eastern Indian margin
( Vivekanand Pandey#, Kalachand Sain* and Mrinal K. Sen)
Imaging sub basalt Mesozoics along Jakhau-Mandvi and Mandvi-Mundra profiles in Kutch sedimentary basin from seismic and gravity modelling.
( A.S.S.S.R.S. Prasad#, Kalachand Sain* and Mrinal K. Sen)
Anomaly characterization using Modified Wiener-Hopf filtering: a tool for mapping rock properties
( Shib Sankar Ganguli*,V.P.Dimri and Gautam K Nayak)
A New Approach to interpret Shaly/Silty Reservoirs.
( Jain Rita*, Lakhera Sanjeev, Kumar Manoj, Saikia Bharat, Samanta Asim)
Understanding the Deep Syn-Rift Petroleum Systems of Cauvery Basin: A 2D Case Study from Ramnad Basin
( S. Dubey* and M. Mahapatra)
Tight Reservoirs: An overview in Indian context.
( Tarun Kumar* and Ashutosh Shandilya)
Land Converted Wave Seismic Survey Designing-Key Factors to Consider.
( Shree P. Singh*, P. K. Singh, S.P.Singh, M.Kumar & G.K.Ghosh)
Application of Multi-Attributes and Spectral Decomposition with RGB blending for understanding the strati-structural features: A Case study.
( Das Ujjal Kr *, Pant D C, Parida G, Dr Rastogi Rakesh, Bhardwaj Ashutosh)
Sand Body Delineation and Reservoir Characterization using Multiple Seismic Attributes: Simultaneous Partial Stack Inversion & Spectral Decomposition.
( Harshvardhan1, Arjun Tiwari1, Anil Malkani1, Monosvita Chaliha1, Priyabrata Chatterjee1, Tripti Kumari2)
An Integrated approach for faults and fractures delineation with dip and curvature attributes.
( Santosh, D.*, Aditi, B., Poonam, K., Priyanka S., Rao P.H, Hasan, S. Z., and Harinarayana, T.)
Application of Geomechanics and Rock Property Analysis for a Tight Oil Reservoir Development: A Case Study from Barmer Basin, India
( Rupdip Guha; Manabesh Chowdhury; Surender Singh; and Bernd Herold.)
Advances in Land Seismic Data Acquisition Technology.
( Dudley Shepherd* & Anindya Ray)
Unconventional Reservoir Facies Modeling using Conventional Logs and Micro Resistivity Imaging Technique.
( Sudipan Shasmal1, Subhro Basu1, Ram L. Singh2 and Om P. Arya2)
Elemental Capture Spectrometry as a tool to understand depositional setup in mixed lithology environment: A case study from Andaman Deepwater.
( Sanjeev Lakhera*, Vikram Gupta, Rajesh Chandra, R. R. Tiwari, B. K. Saikia & Asim Samanta)
Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and Depositional Model of Olpad Formation in Narmada Block, South Cambay Basin, India.
( Anima Saikia*, Kishori Lal, Satheesh Kumar and M. C. Kandpal)
Delineation of probable gas charged geo-body within Panna formation of Western offshore basin, India.
( Sunil K. Singh*, S. K. Bhagat , Puja Prakash, P.K. Chaudhuri, B. S. Bisht, A. K. Tandon)
Reducing the uncertainty in 4D seismic interpretation through an integrated multi-disciplinary workflow: A case study from Ravva field, KG basin, India
( Kondal Reddy*, Kausik Saikia, Susanta Mishra, Challapalli Rao, Vivek Shankar and Arvind Kumar)
P-impedance Inversion - A fit for purpose technique delineates reservoir distribution and aids in field development (Mangala Field, India)
( Anil Malkani*, Sreedurga Somasundaram, Ravichandran V., Sujoy Mukherjee, Peter Hansen, Ananthakrishnan B. and Surabhi Mishra**)
Evolution of Processors and its Implication in Data Computation Capability
( Ravi Kumar*, K.V Rachana Rao, A. Dakshinamurthy, D. Chatterjee)
Identifying Continental-Oceanic boundaries in the Eastern margin of India by Seismic and Gravity- Magnetic data.
( D.V. Reddy*, B.S.R Krishna, G.V. Reddy, Dr. B.S. Josyulu)
Challenges in identifying hydrocarbon potential in fractured Basement in Mumbai High field.
( Uma Goyal *, S. N. Chitnis and B. B. Ray)
Field statics estimation: A case history from North Assam Shelf, Assam, India
( Ponnam Srinath*, Navin Mahadeva, Sarvind Ram, Sudhakar, M, and Dutta, N.M.)
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Delineation of Basement fracture pattern in Madanam-Pandanallur area of Cauvery basin
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Total organic carbon prediction for shale gas exploration using statistical clustering, multiple regression analysis
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Comparison of different rock physics models for Chalk Reservoirs
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Advancements in LWD Sonic Technology Sets New Benchmark on Reservoir Characterizations
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Wavelet Transform Based Spectral Decomposition in Gas Hydrates Exploration
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Methodology for Recovering Missing and Low Resolution Seismic Data using Dips from Microresistivity Images
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Successful application of CMR tool in identifying pay zones in complex lithology: Case study from Ahmedabad field, Cambay Basin, India
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Different Business Models to resolve the sub-surface geological complexities including all poorly explored/ underexplored Indian Sedimentary Basins having hydrocarbon potential.
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Thermoluminescence: A Complementary Technique for Petroleum Exploration
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Late Oligocene Sandstone reservoirs of Saurashtra Offshore, significance of their deposition – An Integrated study resulting in regional clastic model.
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Value Addition Through Interpretative Approach of Processing to Improve Imaging in Geologically Complex Regime-A case study from Western Offshore Basin, India.
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Resolving Overburden Channel pull down effects through PSDM: A Case Study from Mumbai Offshore Basin, India
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Potential areas of Gas Hydrate deposits in Mahanadi Offshore
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Integrated approach to understand the influence of clay minerals on the reservoir character of productive facies - A case study of Bhuban Formation in West Tripura field
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Mesozoic Enigma in Kerala-Konkan Basin: An alternate explanation for deep water sub-basalt reflections
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Facies characterization of a low permeability Cretaceous clastic reservoir to understand reservoir spatial distribution in the Nagayalanka Field, onland Krishna-Godavari Basin, India
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Evaluate uncertainty form Basin to Prospect scale to improve exploration success
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Effective Delineation of Formation Tops Using Wavelet Transform on Well log Data of Kutch Offshore Basin, India
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“Challenges for Future Prospects in Foreland Thrust Belt Area”-A case study from Manabhum, NE India
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Pore Pressure Prediction from Seismic Data using Neural Net
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Tectonic Analysis of Damoh and Jabera Structures in Son Valley Vindhyans: A Structural Modeling Approach
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Palaeogeographical and Morpho-Depositional Reconstruction of Deep water Saurashtra Offshore Using 2D Seismic Data
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Advanced Petrophysical Approach for Characterizing Low Resistivity Reservoirs
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Analysis of Continuity of Sub-Himalayan Tectonic Elements and Lithofacies from Eastern Pakistan into India Based on Some Geological and Geophysical Leads: Insights into the Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Jammu and Kashmir Sector
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Performance Optimizations for TTI RTM on GPU based Hybrid Architectures
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Static Reservoir Characterization and Volumetric Estimation of K-Sand in Cambay Basin: An Integrated Approach
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Challenges of Sub-basalt Mesozoic Exploration of Kerala Konkan offshore area and solutions through Long offset seismic & Sea Bed Node(SBN) data analysis
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Trend of Geothermal gradient from Bottom Hole Temperature studies in South Cambay Basin
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2D Acoustic Modeling Studies in Strong Velocity Contrast Area of Mumbai Offshore Basin
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High Resolution Sedimentary Environment Analysis Using Borehole Images: A Step Ahead to Understand the Sand Dispersion in Tapti-Daman Field
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Frequency Dependent Reflection Coefficients in Anisotropic Media
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Methodology of calculation and application of scalars to balance amplitude variations across merge volume
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Recent Advances in Rotary Sidewall Coring: Applications in Formation Evaluation and Beyond
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SmartResQ, Instant Reservoir Quality Estimator
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Quantifying Sand Fraction from Seismic Attributes using Modular Artificial Neural Network
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Near surface velocity adjustments in presence of rugose water bottom – A quantitative approach for Canyon Scaling
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Effective Surface wave attenuation in cross spread domain – A case study from Cambay Basin
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Seismic Velocity Model Building: An Aid For Better Understanding Of Subsurface- A Case Study From Cambay Basin, India
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Structures and tectonics of Son-Mahanadi rift basin, India derived from joint interpretation of gravity and magnetic data incorporating constraints from borehole and seismic informations
( Bijendra Singh*, Ch. Swarnapriya and B. Nageswara Rao)
Effect of Seismic Wavelet Phase on Post Stack Inversion
( Chirag Jain*)
Assessing Rock Compressive Strength and Predicting Formation Drillability using Sonic, Gamma & Density Logs
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Gas Hydrates - A New Horizon( Shikha Dagar*, Amit Joshi)
Pore Pressure: Causes, Methods of Determination and their Limitations
( Aayush Kesarwani*, Arpit Malhotra and Vibhor Agarwal)
Using a new seismic attribute for determination of lithology and brittleness
( Ritesh Kumar Sharma* and Satinder Chopra)
New Exploration leads to exploit Hydrocarbon Potential of Rift Margins
(A case study from Western Margin of Cambay Basin)( D.Pokhriyal* N. S. Dangwal, Dr. Vinay Kumar, and A. K Tandon.)
Prediction of Porosity and Sand Fraction from Well Log Data using ANN and ANFIS: a comparative study
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Interval Velocity Model Building –respecting the basics–A case study of Mumbai High
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Hydrocarbon Microbial Blooms: Significant, Yet Underutilized Exploration Method
( D. Elizabeth Nathaniel)
A deterministic approach to reservoir characterization through quantitative interpretation: A case study from Heera field, Western Offshore India
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Hydrocarbon Potential of Sub-Basalt Mesozoics of Deepwater Kerala Basin, India
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Common Reflection Angle Migration for Improved Imaging-A Case Study
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Syn-drill Seismic Imaging through Seismic Guided Drilling A Case history from East coast India deep water example
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Pre- stack merging of eight 3D vintages of Bantumilli-Seripalem area of Krishna-Godavari Basin
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Pre-stack Merging of Eleven 3D Campaigns of Gandhar area: A Case study from Cambay Basin
( C B Yadava, B K Medhi, Maharaj Singh, S Uday Bhaskar)
Acoustic waveform inversion of ocean-bottom node seismic data
( Sankar Sen, C.M. Varadarajan, Steve Syme*, Weizhong Wang, and Yu Zhou)
Well Tie Tomography an accurate Time-Depth Conversion
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Improvement in Thrust Belt Imaging using Non-Linear Tomo-Statics.
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Surface multiple attenuation in shallow water, case study on data from the Bonaparte Basin, Australia
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Advances in Electromagnetic Methods for Hydrocarbon Applications
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Impact of Big Data in Oil and Gas Industry
( Pranaya Sangvai)
Microseismic Panorama: from Geohazard Surveillance to Fracture Mapping.
( Saleh Barakat)
Reducing Risk & Uncertainty in Unconventional Play Development
( Chris Hughes)
In search of the missing frequencies for more quantitative reservoir characterization
( Peter Mesdag)
Petroleum Systems and Geological Modeling – An Overview:
( N. C. Nanda)
Rock Physics Integration: From Petrophysics to Simulation
( Mohammad Reza Saberi)
Indian Passive Margins: Are they unique?
( Neeraj Sinha)