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Breaking down barriers to the introduction of Vibroseis in India using a compact source.
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Analysis of Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Low Resistivity Low Contrast Ardol Sands of Matar Field, Cambay Basin-A Case study.
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Application of Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks in acoustic/seismic image classification.
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Micro Depositional Environment and Reservoir Delineation through Integrated Log Interpretation in the Fields of Tapti-Daman Area, Western offshore Basin, India.
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Seismic data API in the North Bank of Brahmaputra River (Assam) under NSP.
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Numerical Borehole Tensorial gravity modelling and its Implication.
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Improving Low Frequency Information from 10Hz Geophone data,
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Gross depositional environment (GDE) maps of Ariyalur-Pondicherry and part of Tranquebar sub basin from Oxfordian to Albian of Cauvery Basin, India.
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Investigation of Transverse Relaxation Time (T2) Cut off of NMR log for better Electrofacies Modeling to understand production behavior of Heterogeneous Carbonate pay.
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Static correction from First Break for onshore VSP data.
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Broadband Processing of Conventional 3D Seismic Survey for Better Reservoir Characterization of Gas Hydrate Deposits in KG Basin, India: A Case Study.
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An MS Excel based approach to estimate the subsidence in Olpad Formation over Sanand Structure, Cambay Basin using Decompaction Process.
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Identification and characterization of micro fractured shale developing emerging Fracture Play, Kopili shale of Geleki oil field, Assam Shelf, India.
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Handling near surface complexities of 3D seismic data of Jaisalmer basin using combination of various static solutions.
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Environmental Impacts of Drilling Operations and their Mitigation Measures.
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Trace Element Anomaly: An Emerging Exploration tool for finding locales of Hydrocarbon Micro-seepage using new statistical technique for defining background/ baseline values.
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Principal Component Analysis of multispectral remote sensing data for spectral characterization of hydrocarbon seepage induced alteration of subaerial regolith in a part of Son Valley Vindhyan Basin.
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Poststack Driven Prestack Multiple Attenuation – A Case Study from KG-PG Basin.
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Untapped Hydrocarbon Potential of Post Kalol pay sands of North Kadi-South Santhal Field, Cambay Basin, India.
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Value addition through Hi-Tech Logs and Realistic Formation Evaluation towards the discovery of hydrocarbon in Bengal Basin.
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Diagenetic Model of Bassein Formation of Mumbai Offshore Basin: A framework for future exploration in carbonate.
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Hydrocarbon Fairway Template vis a vis Tectonic Framework of Mumbai Offshore Basin.
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Addressing Type-II Overpressure and Comprehensive 1-D Mechanical Earth Modeling in a Tectonically Active Area in Tripura Fold Belt of India: A Case Study.
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Integrated probabilistic petrophysical and rock physics approach for reservoir characterization and fluid identification- A case study.
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Mapping of Pore-Pressure from 2D Post-Stack Seismic data in Upper Assam, India.
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Improved Resolution in Initial Interval Velocity model building by integrating well data and seismic data for depth imaging.
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Integrated Workflow for Reducing Uncertainties in Petrophysical Characterization and Fluid Identification of Fractured Basement - A Case Study from Cauvery Basin, Southern Onshore Field - India.
( Authors: Sameer M#, MV Phaneendra, Manju Xavier Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. India. (Email:
Innovative Approach to Capture Heterogeneous Thin Pay Sands through Seismic Guided Stochastic Reservoir Modeling Processes. A Case study from Tapti Daman Sector, Western Offshore Basin, India.
( Uday Singh*, Aninda Ghosh, Ajeet Pandey, S K Singh, Manisha Sarma, H K Singh (Email:
Understanding of Daman Sands through Reservoir Characterization for Effective Exploration and Exploitation Strategy in Western Part of Tapti Daman Sector of Saurashtra Offshore.
( Mrityunjai Singh*, Soumitri S. Dash, A.Bhalla, A.Prusty, John T. and S.Sengupta ONGC (E-mail:
Reprocessing of 3D seismic data pertaining to KD-3D block for imaging Mesozoic sequences and Intrusive.
(J. Kole*, A. Kumar, S. Sengupta, Arun, ONGC, Mumbai ( )
A Comparative study of Wide Azimuth data and conventional datasets in Cachar fold belt area.
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Addressing the Challenges of Wellbore Stability in Complex & Tectonically Active Area of Tripura Fold Belt through Integrated Geo-mechanical Studies.
(Phoolchand Mahato*, R R Tiwari, P P Deo, CEWELL, ONGC Ltd)
Impact of Geologial interpretation on reservoir modelling- A case study Jotana field Cambay Basin.
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Improved imaging in gas shadow zone through new technique of overburden compensation: A case study from north of Tapti Area.
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Uncertainty Analysis of Lower Barmer Hill Unconventional Play Storage Model.
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Efficient Implementation of FX-Cadzow Filtering at Different Stages of Seismic Data Processing.
( S. P. Das*1, Anil Kumar1, Kiran Pal1 and K. S. Negi1, 1 GEOPIC, ONGC Dehradun (* Email Id:
Unconventional Exploration and Extraction of Uranium through (In situ leaching) ISL Technique.
( Nidhi Srivastava*, S P Agrawal, Shafali Sayana, Supriya chopra, and Mala Janardhanan, KDM Institute of Petroleum Exploration, ONGC Ltd., Dehradun-248195, Uttarakhand, India)
Evaluation of coal bed methane potential of Chalkari and Phusro areas of East Bokaro Coalfield.
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Faults in well trajectory; Sensitivity and impacts in successful well completion.
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Assessment of B-VII-III pay within Middle Bhuban Formation in Baramura Anticline, Tripura: Implications of Structural Modeling and Sand Connectivity on Exploration and Development strategy ( Shadab Raza*, Sushil Kumar, Bikash Kumar Gupta, Anshumita Ganguly, and M. K. Maheshwari Keshava Deva Malaviya Institute of Petroleum Exploration, ONGC Ltd., Dehradun. (*
Reflectivity Enhancement using Basis Pursuit Linear Programming.
( Sanket Smarak Panda*, Aurobinda Routray (IIT Kharagpur), Sanjai Kumar Singh, Rajeev Tandon, CS Bahuguna (GEOPIC,ONGC,Dehradun) (
pySEISPROC: A python based open-source geophysical package for visualization and fault interpretation of 2D or 3D seismic data.
( Uday Singh*, Vishwa Kumar,Vikas Saluja, N P Singh, K Vasudevan)
Pre-stack Merging of Onshore Multi-3D seismic surveys having discrete Vintage, Azimuths & Acquisition Geometries: A case study from Upper Assam Basin.
( Subrata Singha*, Aryama Mani Tiwari & Dharam Singh Manral, Oil India Limited (Email:
Drilling Solutions and Overpressure Characterization for Panna Formation of Mumbai Offshore Basin.
( Bidesh Bandyopadhyay*, Tanmay S Kulkarni, Jayant B Bhagat, ONGC Ltd., Rajeev Kumar, Rahul Talreja, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.(Email ID:
A Close-the-Loop well delivery of deep-water exploratory wells, Krishna Godavari Offshore, East Coast India.
( Divyesh Surve, Raja Das, Bidesh Bandyopadhyay ONGC Ltd.,Rohit Rana, Anjanava Purkayastha, Rajiv Kumar, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.(Email ID:
Application of Deep Machine Learning for Direct Estimation of Hydrocarbon Pore Thickness.
( Jyoti Malik (
Optimizing the Reservoir Model of a Tight Oil Field Through Pore Structure Characterization: A Case Study from KG-Onland Basin, India.
( Dipesh Chopra*, R.S. Modak, A. Shandilya, Uma Goyal, Rajeev Tandon, ONGC (
Clean and Green Alternate Energy: India moving towards Secure and Sustainable future.
( Das Ujjal Kumar*, DGM, ONGC Videsh (under deputation in MoPNG), Vikas Mohan, GM, OVL (
Water Saturation Modelling using SCAL data in a multi-layered Offshore Carbonate Reservoir.
( Maheswar Pradhan*, Poonam Pathak, Nageswara R Madaka, S Kathuria, Rajesh Kumar Institute of Reservoir Studies, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Ahmedabad (E-mail:
Reservoir Characterization in Coal Dominated Deltaic Environment- Case Study.
( Harsha Raghuvanshi*, S. Layek, R. K. Shenmar, B. R. Kundal, J. K. Das. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (
3D-Seismic prospecting of gas hydrate and its associated proxies in Gulf of Mannar offshore, Cauvery Basin: A case study.
( Authors: U S Yadav*, A K Misra, K M Shukla, M V Lall, Jagannath Nanda (*
Source facies characterization for Shale Gas exploration using seismic inversion & AVO analysis: A Case Study from Krishna-Godavari Basin, India.
( Shrey Omer*, Soumen Deshmukh, P.S.Tomar, R.K.Mishra, Dr. Harilal Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, Dehradun, India (
Facies Classification from well logs using a Scalable SVM based Approach.
(Santosh kumar sahu*, sanjai kumar singh, H.K.P Nair, Manoj Ranjan, I S Negi and Rajeev Tandon Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (
Integrating seismic data to downscale uncertainty for better decision making: A Case Study.
( Das Deepak *, Pradhan Maheswar, Gorle Maheswara Rao, Kathuria Sanjay, Kumar Rajesh.)
Depositional Model Review, Reservoir Delineation and hydrocarbon prospectivity analysis, using multi-attribute studies: A Case Study from Kunjaban Field, West Tripura, Assam Arakan Fold Belt.
(Dr Dharamveer Pooniya*, Sucheta Dotiwala)
Rock Physics Modeling utilizing Saturation Height Function for Resource Assessment in Gas Reservoir of Giant Offshore Field in Western India.
(SR Prasad*, Nageswara R Madaka, Deepak Das, Sanjay Kathuria, Rajesh Kumar)
Reducing Uncertainties in Seismic Amplitude Interpretation-A Case Study.
( Ravi Mishra*(EEPL), Urmi Surve (EEPL), D. Pavithran (EEPL) and Ashish Kumar (EEPL) (Email:
Similarity Assessment of Well-log Signals Based on Motif-Synchronization Algorithm.
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