Geohorizons - Jan, 2006


A Totorial on Gassmann fluid substitution: Formulation, algorithm and matlab code
Dhananjay Kumar
Simultaneous Inversion of Pre-stack Seismic Data
Daniel P. Hampson1, Brian H. Russell1 and Brad Bankhead
Restoring the Seismic Image
Stuart Bland, Paul Griffiths, Dan Hodge and Antonio Ravaglia
Formation Evaluation in Complex Lithology using NMR data - ACase Study of Western Onshore Basin, India
H.K.Raghunath1 and J. Abraham
Understanding Structural Configuration on the Basis of 3D Seismic Attributes in Dhansiri Valley, Assam
Trishna Saha, B.K.Chowdhury, D.Chakraborthy, S.K.Prusty, B.L. Khatri and G.V.Reddy
The Application of Hierarchical Seismic Attribute Combination to High Precision Infill Well Planning in the South Tapti Field, Offshore Western India
Satyendra Rana, Stuart Burley and Subhadeep Chowdhury
Sand Dispersal Pattern within Panna Formation in Central Graben, Bombay Offshore Basin: A Model Based Approach
S.K. Biswal and Hari Lal
Geostatistical Estimation of Pay Thickness by Combining the Seismic and Well Data - A Case Study
S.P.S. Negi and Varun Sharma
An Overview of Santhal Field, An EOR Implemented Field of Cambay Basin, Inferred from 3D Seismic
G.K.Panchanan, Vinod Kumar, T.K. Mukherjee and R.N.Bhattacherya
Reservoir Characterization and Management of an Aquifer Driven Reservoir - A Case History
B.N. Ghosh, Soma D. Sarkar and J.P. Lohiya
An Approach to Net Thickness Estimation Using Spectral Decomposition
Mahendra Kishore, Sachin Sharma, Bishnu Kumar and Anurag Srivastava
Interpreting Low and High Impedance Layers on Stack Seismic Data as an Aid to DHI; A Case Study
NK Khatri, RT Arasu and Birbal Singh