Guidelines to Authors

The authors are advised to follow the guidelines mentioned below in the interest of quick processing of their submissions.

  • The text should be printed in MS Word with Times New Roman/Calibri font size 12 and single spacing.
  • All figures and photographs should be submitted as high-resolution (300 dpi) images in .tiff or .png formats, and as separate files.
  • Tables may be submitted in MS Excel format.
  • References included in the text must be complete and be following the following format:
    1. a) Marfurt, K. J., 2006, Robust estimates of reflector dip and azimuth, Geophysics, 71(4), P29 – P40.
    2. b) Chopra, S., K. J. Marfurt, and R. K. Sharma, 2019, Unsupervised machine learning facies classification in the Delaware Basin and its comparison with supervised Bayesian facies classification, 89th Annual International Meeting, SEG, Expanded Abstracts, 2619 – 2623.
  • Captions for the individual figures should be included as text at the end of the references for the main article.
  • Brief biographies for the authors and their photos should also be submitted along with their article.
  • Permission for use of figures or any information from published work is the sole responsibility of the authors. SPG should not be expected to seek any such permission on the author's behalf from anywhere.