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SPG Mumbai organised a technical session titled "Imaging and Reservoir Technology Update" on 11th October

SPG Mumbai organised a technical session titled “Imaging and Reservoir Technology Update”on 11th October 2019 at Auditorium, NBP Green Heights, Mumbai.The session is a part of continuous and relentless efforts by SPG to share ideas and experiences to the geo-scientific community and to express & exchange views & opinions on various exploration problems in Mumbai offshore areas. The session was chaired by SPG Mumbai Chapter President Shri K V Krishnan. APG Mumbai Chapter Vice President Shri K. Vasudevan, SPG Mumbai Chapter Office bearers, Geoscientists from different G&G Companies and Students from Colleges were also present.


SPG Mumbai Chapter, President, Shri K V Krishnan emphasised the need of goodseismic imaging in exploration. He also made a point that with the advent of new technology and algorithm advancement, we should focus on robust processing sequence to bring out the difficult Mesozoic gas of Kutch Offshore.


SPG Mumbai Chapter,Secretary, Shri Anupam Sharma briefed on the 13th Biennial International Conference & Exposition scheduled to be held at Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre (LBICC), Kochi, Kerala, India from 23rd to 25th February 2020.


APG Mumbai Chapter Vice President Shri K. Vasudevan elaborated the exploration challenges in Western Offshore. He also said that successes in Mesozoic sandstone and Fractured /Weathered Dolerite (Intrusive) of Kutch Offshore need to be studied in detailed. The impact of processing,better imaging and reservoir technology advancement will certainly help in better understanding of these type of reservoirs.

  • Processing-Imaging Technology Update- By QING XU Joint 3D Source Deghost and Designature,OBN Deblending, Demultiple,IMA,ISS, FWI, Least Square Q Migration. Processing methodology was detailed with recent advancements and with case studies.
  • Reservoir Consulting Services- By ROBERT PORJESZ Introduction to reservoir modelling, 3D/Multicomponent/ 4D Inversion. Main focus of the talk was static model update using sesimc inversion results and computer assisted history matching-update of seismic derived model to match production data.
  • G&G Studies (Robertson UK)- By MARK COWGILL Integrated G&G Studies from Exploration to Development & Production, Unconventional Experience and Workflows and Geotraining. The presentation highlighted the approach to digitisation and digitalisation of existing data sets, play fairway mapping, improved seismic imaging and reservoir characterization.

Qing Xu is currently the VP Geoscience, Asia Pacific, Robert Porjesz , Regional Manager, Asia Pacific and Mark Cowgill, Business Development Manager for CGG Geoscience.


SPG Mumbai Chapter, Vice President Shri C P S Rana concluded the technical session with vote of thanks.He said that focus to imbibe recent advancements in processing and world analogue vis a vis Western Offshore Basin, India should be our focus area to work upon.