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Technical meet 2019 of SPG and APG, Vadodara

Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG) & Association of Petroleum Geologists (APG), Vadodara Chapter organised a technical meet on 22nd November 2019. The programme started with two thought-provoking, interactive talks on contemporary issues. The first one was delivered by Shri Jeetendra Tiku, General Manager (Geophysics) on the topic namely "Introduction to Policies governing Oil & Gas industry in India with special reference to Open Acreage Licensing Policies (OALP)". It was followed by another enlightening talk on the topic "Introduction of new technologies in Geophysical Services".

During his presentation, Mr. Jeetendra Tiku elucidated the various complexities pertaining to Important Acts & Rules Governing Hydrocarbon Exploration & Oilfield Development. He explained about Open Acreage Licensing Policy under Upstream Policy Regimes in India.


Shri Praveen Vohat presented an overview of Low frequency Passive Seismics. He also explained the acquisition gamut of LFPS including brief description about new LFPS Seismometer and also about the capability of new data acquisition system 508 XT.

All the SPG and APG members of WON Basin actively participated and benefited from the technical lectures. GGM - Basin Manager Shri H Madhavan in his address explained about the importance of such technical lectures and encouraged to conduct this type of program very often which will help enhancement of knowledge in earth science. The fraternities took this opportunity to bid farewell to Shri Matibar Singh, GGM-HGS, President, SPG, Vadodara Chapter.


The technical lecures were followed by colourful cultural programme and dinner.


In the evening, the members enjoyed a mesmerizing cultural programme, presented by an eminent dance troupe arranged from outside.


This was followed by an interactive sumptuous dinner. The technical programme was compared nicely by Ms Kanika, Programming Officer and Ms Nisha, Geophysicist (S). Vice President SPG Shri Rajesh Madan, Vice President APG Dr. A. K. Singh, Treasurer SPG Shri Rajesh Upadhyay and Secretary APG Shri Bhupendra Tauk were instrumental in making the event successful. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Secretary, SPG, Vadodara Chapter.