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Geological Field Trip Narmada North Section, Kevadiya

SPG and APG Vadodara chapter organised a geological field trip to Narmada North, Kevadiya, on 1st February, 2020. The fieldwork was conducted in the Narmada River section near Navagam village.

SPG & APG Team members at the onset of the field trip.

The objective of the fieldtrip was to provide an exposure on the geology of the Cretaceous Bagh Group sequence in Lower Narmada valley. It gave an opportunity to study the detailed lithostratigraphic divisions, boundaries of the units and an opportunity for appraisal of the vertical and lateral lithologic variations. Around 80 members of SPG & APG Vadodara chapter actively interacted with Professor Satish Patel and his team (Assistant Professor and Research fellows) from Maharaja Sayajirao University who guided the entire field trip.

Prof.Satish Patel briefing the participants in the field.

Cretaceous Bagh Group

The Bagh Group rocks are deposited in the ENE-WSW trending pericratonic Narmada rift and represent a complete cycle of sea-level change. The Navagam section is ~307m thick and exposes all the member of the Bagh Group except the Men Nadi Limestone Member and the Mohanfort Sandstone Member. The succession here is tectonically disturbed, moderate-steeply dipping. The Bagh Group rocks here dips SE towards the Statue of Unity and are intruded by numerous dikes and sills of Deccan Traps. Numerous faults are observed in the area genetically related to the strike-slip faulting in the basin. The succession here is uplift along the faults bounded by Deccan Trap on all the sides.

Glimpses from field

The daylong field trip proved to be very educative to all the participants , it gave an insight on the exposures and geology of the Lower Narmada valley coupled with the enrichment on the spot with the vast experience of Prof. Patel.

Team SPG & APG, Vadodara chapter felicitating Prof. Satish Patel on successful completion of the trip.

Participants thanked Professor Satish Patel from MSU who guided the entire field trip with his valuable inputs. Shri S. S. Singh, CGM (GP) gave away memento to Prof. Patel.

Participants enjoying delicious at a local temple.

Organizers acknowledge ED-Basin Manager & Patron SPG-APG, Shri H. Madhavan for encouraging and facilitating the tour. The reconnaissance was done by Prof S K Patel from MSU and Shri Bhupendra Tauk, Secretary APG, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Secretary & Shri Rajesh Upadhyay, Treasurer SPG, Vadodara Chapter on 25th January 2020. Shri Rajesh Madan, President, SPG and Dr. A. K. Singh, Vice President, APG were instrumental in organizing the trip. Thanks are also due to all the participants.

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