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Geophysical field party trip by SPG Ahmedabad chapter

SPG Ahmedabad chapter organized a trip to Geophysical field party GP-16 camping at Valod area, Gandhinagar on 16th Mar'20.

Geophysical field party GP-16

The objective of the field trip was to provide an insight to the members the concepts a 3D seismic data acquisition. The trip provided an opportunity to geologist, reservoirs engineers apart from geo physicists a ONGC, GERMI and GSPC to understand the finer details of field party functioning. Party Chief and the party members took keen interest and apprised the participants about the steps involved in Acquisition and on field processing. The activities were demonstrated live in the field.

The fundamentals of Seismic data acquisition, the objective of the survey, the geometry of the survey was explained and illustrated in a very simple but exhaustive way. The daylong field trip proved to be very educative and enriching experience to all the participants. SPG members got actively involved in technical discussions and got their doubts cleared

The trip ended with a parting note to the Party Chief and the entire crew of GP-16 for the extra efforts taken by them for explaining and demonstrating the field activities. The chapter expresses its deep appreciation and is thankful to all of them. Thanks are due to the coordinator from the Basin for facilitating the trip. The chapter acknowledges with thanks HGS, Baroda for having granted the necessary permission for the trip.

Ahmedabad Chapter