Fundamentals on Multicomponent, By Mr. M.K.Jain, CGM-Incharge-SPIC, ONGC

SPG Mumbai Chapter organised a technical webinar titled “Fundamentals on Multicomponent” on 21st August 2020 at SPIC-ONGC, Panvel. The session is a part of continuous and relentless efforts of SPG to share ideas and experiences to the geo-scientific community and to express & exchange views on fundamentals on Multicomponent. .

Geophysical field party GP-16

The session was chaired by Shri S K Sharma Officiating President SPG Mumbai Chapter. Shri K. Vasudevan,Vice President APG Mumbai Chapter was the Chief Guest. SPG Mumbai Chapter Office bearers, Geoscientists from different G&G companies like Schlumberger, Emerson etc. and students from different Universitieshad taken part in the webinar.


Shri M.K.Jain, the learned speaker has a vastwork-experience in ONGC for 36 years.He worked very extensively for Reservoir Characterization for 4 years. He worked 28 years in Processing at different centres including GEOPIC, Jorhat, Baroda,Mumbai in ONGC. He Contributed for HC discoveries in many exploratory locations. He worked for a quite long time at Multicomponent technology in Cambay Basin and one of the Pioneer of this technology in ONGC.

Objectives of the technical presentation:

  • Describing the basic elements of the multicomponent seismic processing flow and their benefits.
  • Describing different multicomponent seismic acquisition systems.
  • Describing the characteristics of different wave modes.
  • Orientation analysis
  • Coupling compensation
  • Rotation
  • Splitting of Shear Waves
  • CCP binning using Variable Gamma
  • PZ summation
  • Noise attenuation (e.g. shear on vertical)
  • Produce a list of challenges, where multicomponent seismic can provide an uplift
  • Listing of areas where multicomponent seismic might further contribute to the advancement of seismic for E&P
  • Case Studies of Padra, Kalol fields of Cambay Basin, Assam Arakan Frontier Basin & D1 field of Mumbai Offshore Basin.

Shri P R Balak,Vice President SPG Mumbai Chapter made the opening remark of the technical session. He said that focus to imbibe recent advancements in Multicomponent acquisition and processing in India should be our focussed area to work upon.Shri K. Vasudevan, President, APG Mumbai Chapter elaborated the exploration challenges in Western Offshore Basin. He was also very much enthusiasticabout the processing outcome of recently acquired multicomponent survey in Western Offshore Basin.

The webinar witnessed a prolonged Question & Answer session from the enthusiastic audience and Mr. Jain explained patiently all the queries in detail with his baritone voice. Shri S K Sharma,President,SPG Mumbai Chapter emphasised the simple, detailed approach of Mr. Jain in explaining the basic ideasof Multicomponent Seismic Survey, which itself is a challengingtechnology.


Mr. Pritam Bera, young executive skilfully anchored the program and delivered the vote of thanks.

Team SPG
Mumbai, Chapter