President's Message

Dear SPG Members,
It is a great honour for me to take over the responsibility of President of Society of Petroleum Geophysicists (SPG) which was led by eminent geoscientists in the past.

Journey of SPG, since its inception has been incredible by virtue of the hard work and sincere efforts put in by each one of you. SPG is playing a significant role in bringing together the geoscientists, technocrats, intellectuals, academicians, students and service providers at a common platform for exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences and showcasing of technical skills to the national and international participants. Through its conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures and as an interface between industry and academia, SPG has played a unique role since its inception. Over the years, SPG has grown to a remarkable level and has earned its place in international E&P fraternity. This success story is the outcome of leadership of past Presidents, cooperation of SPG members and the team spirit imbibed in all the activities of SPG. I am sure, the same zeal, passion and positivity will continue during my tenure to further this endeavour.

I genuinely appreciate the efforts put in by the previous Presidents and the office bearers for achieving several milestones during the journey of SPG so far. SPG has been evolving over the time, redefining its role and adapting to the ever changing priorities. Time has come to further reorient SPG’s role to accelerate innovation, to inspire the young geoscientists and to develop systems of sustainable growth.

I would request all fellow geoscientists to share their contribution to the ever expanding world of geoscience through their own Society. I implore all regional & student chapters of SPG to strive hard to realign and refocus themselves towards meaningful contribution by submitting high quality technical papers for our half yearly journal “Geohorizons”. It is the technical strength which will make SPG stronger and this is the motto with which the Society was started.

As the world has seen the serious and disastrous impact of COVID 19 on every aspect of life and as situation is improving slowly, SPG has already organized few online technical lectures recently. Seminars / workshops by its regional and student chapters will follow soon. Being a resilient Society,

we shall overcome the future challenges also and for that I seek cooperation and contribution from all of you in the days to come.

With best wishes,

Shiv Kumar Sharma

President, SPG,India