Secretary's Message

Dear SPGians,
SPG and I have come a long way together, from a member in 2004 to the Secretary, SPG-India, almost two decades later. In early 2022, when I resumed a new role, the world had just started to recover from the pandemic. A glimmer of hope dawned upon mankind after two long Cimmerian years and everyone including our geo science family was sceptical of the future. Fast forward to 2023, the global economy and especially of our country bounced back at a remarkable pace. There is a newfound sense of optimism, and at SPG India, we are excited to play a pivotal role in shaping the geosciences sector to meet our country's energy needs in a sustainable manner.

It is my privilege to share the utmost important endeavors of my two-year tenure;

SPG India prides itself on being the flag bearer of knowledge dissemination in the geo science fraternity. We have been conducting regular eminent professional lectures, workshops and geological field excursions to fire up the budding ideas in the mind of geoscientists.

With this overarching aim to promote our professional ethics and our endeavour for holistic development of the Indian Geosciences community, we always showcase our activities and achievements in different conferences/exhibitions and will collaborate closely with the geo scientific fraternity to expand our wings and create more opportunities for progress.

Our bi-annual publication “Geohorizons” always brings trailblazing research papers from scientists and experts in the oil and gas industry. Geo horizon will be committed to augmenting and widening its spectrum by adding articles from new-age geosciences.

SPG India is a congregation of multiple SPG Regional and SPG Student chapters. We believe that students with proper exposure to industry will not only ease the transition of these future professionals into their vocation but also bring in the new wave of unbiased ideas which our industry desperately needs. With this intent, SPG India will encourage and provide requisite support and opportunities to our affiliated chapters to synergise industry-academia partnerships.

As the Cimmerian night paves the way for the bright sunlight let me assure you through this forum that SPG India is well prepared to realize the aspiration of Geoscience’s fraternity and strive further and harder to foster the sense of urgency and be the guiding light to navigate affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

Last but not the least, my humble submission if you are not a SPG member, please be part of our SPG community. SPG inspires the geoscientists of today for tomorrow by providing a vital knowledge platform to connect the geo scientific community together through our in-person and online interactions. Moreover, SPGians have the privilege to access the latest updates available on the SPG website and a variety of learning opportunities together.

Dr. Subhash Kumar Sharma

Secretary, SPG India