SPG, India Organized a Technical Webinar on 25th Feb, 2022 at Dehradun

A technical webinar was organized by SPG, India on “Frequency Dependent Seismic AVO Modeling and Anaysis” on Feb 25, 2022 by Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, British Petroleum (BP), Houston, USA.

The focus of the talk was on AVO response for a stack of layers is frequency-dependent and complex number. The frequency dependency in modeling equation comes from the phase (time) delays in reservoir layers as the seismic wave propagates through the reservoir. The talk also highlights about the model to simulate seismic responses for various lithology stacking patterns and fluid properties. Dr. Dhananjay gives emphasis on resolving the anomaly better by tuning frequencies using frequency-dependent seismic attributes. The talk presented the theory, model examples and seismic data example from offshore Trinidad to discuss frequency dependent AVO analysis.


The webinar session was attended by the members of SPG-India from all over the country and other Geoscientists of KDMIPE, GEOPIC, Frontier Basins and professors and students from different Institutes. The lecture was well appreciated by all the participants and praised by one and all for its contents and thoughtful discussion provided by the presenter. During the webinar session participants actively participated on discussion and asked various question related to seismic data acquisition.

Earlier, Shri Shiv Kumar Sharma, President SPG-India gave the welcome speech. The vote of thanks was given by Shri Onkar Singh, Secretary, SPG India. The entire webinar session was coordinated by Dr. Subhash Kumar Sharma, Treasurer, SPG-India.