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SPG Regional Chapters Mumbai

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The Society of Petroleum Geophysicts, Mumbai Chapter was founded in 1999 with an objective to organise under a common platform that provides the E&P executives a forum to express & Exchange views & opinions on various exploration problems in Mumbai offshore areas. The Chapter organises lectures of both National and International experts as the new & Emerging technologies in E & P industry.

Total membership of the Mumbai Chapter is about 320.

New Executive Body – SPG Mumbai Chapter for the term 2018-20

1 President Shri K V Krishnan
2 Vice President Shri C P S Rana
3 Secretary Shri Anupam Sharma
4 Joint Secretary Shri R D Chowdhary
5 Treasurer Shri Abhinanadan Ghosh
6 Executive Members 1. Shri Amit Kumar
2. Shri Ashwini Lamba
3. Shri Atul Kumar Agarwal
4. Shri Ayan Mallick
5. Ms. Pratibha Srivastava
6. Shri Rupjit Acharya

Contact Person:

Shri Anupam Sharma
Secretary, SPG, Mumbai Chapter
Cell : 9969224301
Email : sharma_anupam@ongc.co.in