SA Exploration

SA Exploration


SA Exploration offers a full range of geophysical ground acquisition services from design, prospecting, drilling, recording and analysis of field quality, as well as mobilization and demobilization of camps, environmental assessment, community relations and logistics services. SA Exploration also offers marine geophysical acquisition services, specialized in ocean floor seismic (OBS) with capacities ranging from tidal zones, transition zones, shallow and deep waters and operating depths of 3,450 meters.

SA Exploration maintains offices and / or operations in the United States (Stafford, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska), Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, India, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

Safety and environmental stewardship are core values at SA Exploration. We focus on collecting the highest quality data while ensure everyone returns home in the same condition they came to work. We work tirelessly with local communities and landowners, to ensure that we respect their property and leave no trace of our activities after we are done. We are guests where we work, and we want to be welcomed back when we return.

The progressive technologies of SA Exploration, together with the ability of our teams to use them in full capacity, are fundamental to the success of their geophysical program. At SA Exploration, our goal in each project is to take advantage of the appropriate technology that meets the specific needs of each individual project. SA Explorations technical experts can advise you on the wide range of benefits when using different wireless ocean floor node (OBN), Node-On-A-Rope (NOAR) systems according to the objectives and parameters of your project. SA Exploration uses machinery such as the on SEIS™ synchronized impulsive source vehicle and marine vessels such as the TZ40 series and the Geo Tiger to maintain maximum results along with the latest technology.

Founded in 2006, SA Exploration has expanded to address the changing landscape of the upstream oil and gas industry. SA Exploration believes in the importance and vision of relationships based on mutual trust and understanding, allowing both parties to share and optimize the time, effort and resources to plan and manage projects, while providing an environment of safe and healthy work for all employees worldwide